FIXY Biodegradable Cosmetic Glitter (Stiletto Silver)


This ultra fine glitter will make you shimmer! The Stiletto Silver Biodegradable Glitter is going to shine so you better have the right attitude to go with it. This stunning eco friendly loose glitter will go great with so many different looks. You better start planning out your outfit now!

Want less mess? Consider also purchasing the FIXY Biodegradable Glitter Binder (sold separately).

Color: Stiletto Silver
    Medium Jar 38mm x 38mm x 21mm | 17 gm/0.6oz
    Medium Glitter only weight 10 gm/0.35oz
Flake: 0.008 Hex (ultra-fine) biodegradable glitter
Type: Cellulose/Glycerine cosmetic grade, breaks down over time
Safety: FDA certified safe for your skin
Origin: Handmade in the USA, Cruelty-Free


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