FIXY Mega Makeup Repair Kit Refill


FIXY Mega Makeup Repair Kit Refill is the ultimate value for getting everything you need to take your makeup adventures to the next level! The Mega Refill kit includes all items to work with the FIXY Broken Makeup Repair Kit & Makeup Blender. Get ready to get creative using all the refill items, whether you fix broken makeup or get creative making custom makeup, such as blending unused colors.

  • 1 Large FIXY Magnetic Palette with mirror - Large (empty) - 8 in x 5.5 in / 205 mm x 135 mm
  • 10 Large Magnetic Makeup Pans - 47 mm
  • 10 Medium Magnetic Makeup Pans - 37mm
  • 10 Small Magnetic Makeup Pans - 27mm
  • 2 Refill Makeup Repair Binders - .68 oz

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