PRO Broken Makeup Repair Kit & Makeup Blender


The PRO kit is our signature kit PLUS our large magnetic palette, giving you plenty of space for the 9 makeup pans that come with every kit. We spent years designing the easiest and most effective way to fix your broken makeup with NO color change and NO fragrance added. Just GRIND, BIND, PRESS & USE and your makeup will look as good as new!

You can ALSO upcycle and blend unused makeup colors to create a new shade. That's not it, you can also with FIXY to depot your makeup. Use #FIXYMAKEUP to show us your own unique creations and learn what others are making. THANKS for all the LOVE in the reviews below! Check out videos on the FIXY Youtube channel.

All in one makeup blending box (powder grinder & makeup press), custom pick & scraper, mini brush, grinding tool, 3 small 27 mm magnetic makeup pans, 3 medium 37mm magnetic makeup pans, 3 large 47mm magnetic makeup pans, .68 oz FIXY binding spray, 1 Small FIXY magnetic makeup palette, 1 Large FIXY magnetic palette, and visual & written instructions.

Just hand wash and use it again and again.

Our founder Jill spent years testing and designing the most reliable and durable kit and she backs all FIXY products with a money-back guarantee.

Alcohol and Water Based Silicone
Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free, SLS-Free, Fragrance-Free, Vegan, & No Color Change. 
The binding spray is not full of harmful ingredients and won't irritate your skin. It dries immediately and will not change the color of your makeup. Countless options were tested over several years to find the perfect blend.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews

I’m a pro makeup artist and and this is a must. I love it. What a difference this has made to my makeup kit. Every makeup artist should have Fixy makeup repair easy to use.
Absolutely amazing!!

Works perfectly!

I’m a pro makeup artist & this exceeded all of my expectations and worked perfectly the first time I used it!
Everyone needs this cool little gadget as we all know how painful and costly it is when you drop your expensive makeup.
Fixy makeup fixes it instantly & with very little mess- I’m so impressed!

Stephanie D.
So good to combine all my makeup palettes!

I know that it's mainly for fixing broken makeup pans, but I used to to simplify my makeup collection by taking all of the shades of eyeshadows and contours etc that I use all the time and combine them into one giant palette to save on space and time. So good! Shadows tend to have a little more fallout in the pan and on the face than originally, but I don't mind because it works so well for me! Thanks FIXY, you've made my life so much easier :grin:

Quinny G
Every serious makeup artist should own this

If you are a serious artist, this kit should no doubt be in your arsenal. You can make gradients for perfect blends that are unique to you. Time to level up folks.

Fatema Hoque
Fun, but there's always room for improvement.

This is totally my fault and I can't blame the company for it, but every video I watched online didn't make it look as messy as it actually is (I know that's silly, of course depotting makeup is messy!). I think I wouldn't mind the clean-up in between shades as much if the brush was better quality. You need to clean out the grooves on the grinder very often to get all of the product through the mesh into the bottom portion. I also hope that they're able to introduce square pan presses soon. Other than that, it's a fantastic product and helped me condense a lot of products in my makeup kit which is amazing. I've already recommended this product to many people and will keep an eye on any new products they launch! :)