FIXY Large Empty Magnetic Makeup Palette w/ Mirror


Strong and Beautiful! 

Our empty large magnetic palette is a great addition to the FIXY makeup repair kit. This magnetic makeup palette is perfect for pro makeup artists or any makeup fanatic that wants to repair and organize all their favorite makeup. It's perfect to use to depot makeup or add your new FIXY creations into it after blending any unused colors. The large palette is slim and allows for perfect storage. You'll love the strong construction and magnetic base. Thanks for all the loving reviews below!

  • Dimensions: 8 in x 5.5 in / 205mm x 135mm
  • Large Mirror on the lid
  • FIXY makeup pans adhere perfectly to the magnetic palette
  • Fits 28 of our Small Magnetic Pans, 15 Medium Magnetic Pans, 8 Large Magnetic Pans

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