2021 Halloween Looks and the MUA's Creating them

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It's that time of year again! We love Halloween and all of the amazing makeup looks that come out of it. Whether you are a serious makeup artist or just a lover of makeup, the looks this season will definitely amaze you. Below are 5 looks that are mesmerizing and even scary as hell. If you have a Halloween makeup look that you think we need to see, makeup sure to tag @fixymakeup so we can check it out and possibly add on to our list of looks. Check out our list below and explore more about the makeup artists in our list. We are all about community and supporting each other, so follow any of the makeup artist you love as well.


Eli Monsivais

Spider EGirl

Makeup Artist Eli Monsivais said she used the Demons eyeshadow palette from the collection Between Heaven & Hell by @sinlessbeauty_ to create this look. The details in the spiders are amazing and the precision throughout is no easy task. She not only has this stunning Halloween look, but can also be found doing collaboration looks and artistic designs inspired by other artists. Her creativity is well worth the follow to learn more about her. You will definitely see the unique creativity in the vast number of different looks she has done. Check her out @eli.monsivaisg.


Keyla Remache

Jack O Skulltress

Keyla Remache is such a talented makeup artist who is currently working out of the UK. This Halloween look has such precision to it, it's hard to believe that anyone is capable of crafting such a detailed look with makeup. Keyla puts every detail about this look on her Instagram page, with skin prep, face, brows and brushes she uses. So if you want to learn more, definitely go check her out and give her a follow to learn more. If you look closely, you can also find out where to get discounts so definitely check out her page. Learn more @keylaremache.


Sam Harvey

The Countess
If you haven't seen the work from Sam Harvey, then you are missing out. You need to learn more about this very talented professional makeup artist out of the UK. Sam does so many detailed looks you need to check out on Instagram. You may find yourself scrolling for days, but it's well worth it. This look is so on point for Halloween that we had to include it. We hope that it sparks some creativity in you, giving you ideas for your makeup look this year. To learn more about Sam, check out @makeupbysamanthaharvey.


Drian Pili Bautista
Prepare to be Scared

If you think this look from Drian Pili Bautista is scary, then you will be shocked by her other looks as well. Her ability to blend makeup and assessors into her looks is something you need to see for yourself. This Halloween makeup look popped out at us as scary as hell and it should scare you as well. Don't be afraid to learn more about her abilities as you will be as shocked as we were to find out just how talented she is. The complexity in her looks are well worth checking out @drian_bautista.


Tiffany Hunt
Pop Art Zombie
This stunning look from the talented makeup artist Tiffany Hunt is one that will stop you in your tracks. The details in this stunning Halloween makeup is honestly jaw dropping. Based out of the UK, this professional makeup artist has been honored for her amazing artistic talent as she was the NYX Face Awards UK Winner in 2019. Not only that, but she was also a contestant on the BBC TV show, Glow UP. If you haven't seen the show then you need to get out from under the rug and see what you have been missing. Check her out on the show as well as give her a follow @illumin_arty.

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