How to use the FIXY Glitter Binder

  1. Place a sheet of paper or paper towel down to cover your workspace.
  2. (For way less mess) Take the top off the FIXY PRESS (so you have just the part with holes).
  3. Choose your makeup pan size and drop it into the same size hole.
  4. Shake the binder and add enough drops to fill up the pan most of the way.
  5. Pour your biodegradable loose glitter into the makeup pan.
  6. Level out the glitter by shaking the Press Holes part or use the FIXY scrap tool to help level it out.
  7. Lay the clothe on top of the Press Holes.
  8. Line up the Press Top over the Press Holes (with the cloth on top of the Press Holes), then press down for a few seconds.
  9. Remove the top, lift the clothe and let it dry before using (next day is best).
  10. Note: If you want to remove any excess binder, put a dry part of the clothe back over the tin and press lightly with your finger.