4 Essential Makeup Brushes for Everyday Use

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There’s nothing more annoying than doing your makeup routine with the brushes that come along with it. Most of the brushes are flimsy, thin, and disintegrates after a couple of use so you should have ones that are created especially for the application. Hey, if the pros have been tirelessly urging us to invest in these makeup brushes, who are we to argue?
Though that’s not to say that you need to have all of the brushes available on the market; as long as you covered the essentials and use them according to your own makeup routine, you’re good to go.

So what’s so good with having makeup brushes anyway?
Good brushes can save you time and money. The bristles are made to pick up the right amount of product so you won’t waste any precious makeup. With proper care, these brushes are created to be durable and should last a very long time.

Makeup brushes – the essentials

Foundation Brush For a start, a foundation brush is simply the must-have in your collection to have a flawless, airbrushed finish. The brush takes up the right amount, transfers the product to your skin without streaks ( a typical issue if you’re using fingertips), and you can always build up coverage along the way.

Powder Brush

Combine your foundation brush with a powder brush (for both loose and pressed powder) and I’ll assure you’ll have polished-looking skin in a matter of minutes. Unlike the sponge that comes along with the compact, this brush will help to set the ‘canvas’ for your skin and help it last all day. I personally love the Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Wand Ball Brush as it has rubber handle for a firm grip and do your swirl and tap motion.

Crease Brush

A crease brush is a must! A whole eye look can be done with this brush alone. Use the tip for eyeliner and/or adding dimension to the crease, while the flat side is for adding color and blending seamlessly. The Laura Mercier eye crease brush is my personal choice. It’s a bit pricey at $30.00 but it will last forever.

Liner Brush

If you’re heavy on the use of eyeliner, then a liner brush is for you. The brush delivers a precise line to your lids. You can use it for both gel and liquid eyeliner. I would experiment with the Makeup Geek Bent Liner Brush. I simply love that this brush has a bent head that lines the eye perfectly.

Seriously, four makeup brushes are all you need to begin your collection. Once you try a good brush you will never go back.

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