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8 Basic Things that Every Freshman Needs in College

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Well, you finally made it, you are officially a college student! Give yourself a pat on the back. All the nights you stayed up past midnight, the scholarship and college applications you had to fill out…hew! Good thing it is all over. Well, sort of. , You are about to embark on a new adventure. And as someone who’s personally had the experience of going through it, here are some ways to be as prepared as possible. 8 ‘must-haves’ are as follows:  

1. A Keurig

Coffee has always been there for you. Through the good and bad. You can’t jump ship on your BF! And even if you were never previously a coffee consumer, you will be now. . Let’s get real for a second; as a college student you are have a really tight budget. You will no longer have the luxury of going to Starbucks to buy a beverage of choice  everyday. So, look to Mr. Keurig to help you out. He will make great, affordable coffee.It can even  be a Starbuck’s blend

2. Travel mugs
Travel mugs are honestly one of the best creations! This magical mug will carry the tea you need for that horrible cold you’re fighting, or that caffeine fix you need to stay awake during class after studying for midterms and finals.

3. Family Photo (the more awkward the better…for humor value)
Honestly, a family picture is probably the last thing most people would think of taking. You spend your whole high school career fighting with your sister because she would wear your favorite clothes, and getting angry at your mom because she would not let you go to the party of the year. However, your family has always been there for you. They were there to support you through breakups and college rejection letters (those are always tough). So, having a picture of your support group is a great thing to remember them (fondly) by.

4. Beauty Supplies
You absolutely can not forget the most important thing in the world: YOUR BEAUTY SUPPLIES. This includes makeup, curling wand or iron, straightener…etc. College is the time for flirtatious  adventures, there are plenty of ways to learn people, one being social experimentation. You never know, meeting new people could lead you to meeting a certain special someone…so look fabulous when you do!

5. Favorite PJs
College is very stressful. It is no secret that you are going to be up past midnight most nights. What better way to do so than in your favorite PJs? PJs keep are super comfortable and can even make you feel right at home when homesick. Consider them  your saving grace after a long exhausting day!

6. Mini- Fridge
Everyone looooves food. Unfortunately, generally speaking cafeteria food doesn’t get any better with age. Not to mention will not be open 24/7 .The perfect solution to this problem is a mini-fridge. You can store all of your midnight snacks and they will only be seconds away. This will be especially helpful when you need that extra brain power power for that research paper! Cram it with healthy snacks and a low cal beer and you’ll also avoid the seemingly inevitable ‘Freshman-15.’

7. Bike
College is nothing like high school. In high school your classes were just minutes away from each other. Now, your are going to have to travel on most college campuses. What better way to do it than on a bike? You will have the benefit of being on time to class and getting a daily workout. Work that core while in transit to your core classes!  

8. Positive attitude
College might not always feel like the cake walk you imagined. There is going to be a lot going on, and the changes are an adjustment, to say the least. It’s also the first time one is truly independent. A negative attitude  will do you in and only lead you to isolate in your dorm room.  Become a ‘yes person,’ act like an extrovert even if you are naturally an introvert, at least until you start making a solid group of friends. Don’t let academic pressures get you down, ask the hard questions and stay late after class to talk to your professor if you are having a hard time understanding material. Show up to people, places, and things, and you will find college is FUN.


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