Exfoliating 101 for Dry Skin

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Who doesn’t suffer from dry skin every once in awhile? No matter how long the duration, a flaky face can get old & literally make us look and feel ancient! It is hard to cover up (foundations and powders only seem to draw unnecessary attention to unwanted dry patches), and even though using heavy moisturizers are a presumed remedy, they can produce a clogging of pores and leave one’s face with bad breakouts. Just a few more things to deal with on top of dry skin…um no.thank.you.

Instead of having to choose the lesser of two evils, foundation-colored flakes or acne, there is an even better solution; a solution that can eradicate dry skin altogether. Exfoliating that is! So let’s slough off dead skin cells once and for all, to stave off looking older than we really are.


Exfoliating 101 for Dry Skin:

There are many different types of exfoliators out there, but trust me, not all are created equal, so BEWARE. This is a time to be selective. You want to go for an exfoliator made with jojoba beads or one that is enzyme-based, rather than harsh scrubs made with plastic microbeads, proving to be not only harmful to your face, but to the environment as well. #savethewhales! With the plastic microbead brands, you’re better off skipping the step of exfoliating altogether. Thus, it is a worthwhile investment to look into higher quality exfoliators. Nordstrom has a wide array, and if you’re dissatisfied, you have their generous return policy to rely on to get reimbursed for your trial and error testing.


Who Should Use What:

  1. For the daily exfoliator use a scrub with a fruit-enzyme as its main component.  I recommend Arcona Cranberry Gommage. It has a denser feel so only use a little and go light. When you do, it will leave your face looking radiant and fresh.

  2. For the person with severely dry skin: use a more intensive treatment, and less often. Instead of the typical 1-2x/week, it is suggested to do once a week, or even once a month! I recommend “ExfoliKate” Intensive Exfoliating Treatment by Kate Sommerville found at Nordstrom. It gives clinically effective results with its use of lactic acid and an assortment of other enzymes.

  3. For combination skin-or simply the need to maintain that youthful glow- use a skin brightening scrub with antiseptic and antibacterial ingredients. Rhonda Allison has a ‘Skin Brightening Scrub’ which fits the bill perfectly.


How To Use Your Exfoliant:

For optimal results, there are a few ‘how-to’ rules to follow:
  1. Wash your face beforehand. A clean face is a happy face. Clogged pores mean a higher chance of breakouts by embedding makeup and other bacteria into your skin.
  2. Use small circular motions with your pointer and middle fingers, fanning outward and upward from your T-zone to the outer areas of your face, avoiding the eye area.
  3. Rinse THOROUGHLY. Make sure all of the scrub is removed before moving on to the next step; otherwise it can cause a blockage of the pores and further irritate the skin.
  4. Follow up with a possible toner, and most importantly a moisturizer. It locks in all the benefits of exfoliating, producing a soft and supple afterglow.


When To Exfoliate:

  1. Almost always exfoliate at night. This is when your skin benefits most from absorbing the nutrients of your scrub and uses it to rejuvenate itself throughout the night.

  2. Generally exfoliate 1/2x month, unless otherwise instructed by the bottle. Remember: instructions are your friend! And if you have excessively dry skin, use less frequently with a more intensive treatment.

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