How to Organize Your Makeup Bag

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In this fast-paced world of endless meetings and commutes, a woman’s makeup kit is often her weapon of choice to conquer the day. While you can always rely on certain products to come to your rescue, such as your favorite concealer and mascara, finding them in your bottomless purse is another issue entirely. We all know the struggle of only having a short moment to fix our makeup between tasks, and the resulting frustration when we can’t even find our favorite products. After wasting precious seconds rummaging through our bag--and finding everything except what we wanted--we settle on what will suffice and run out the door. Not only is it exasperating, but I’m sure most women can testify it almost always happens when you’re in a pinch and already late.

How can we change this? Organization! Organizing your makeup bag will revolutionize your life. Maybe it sounds dramatic, but once you organize your makeup kit, the frustration of your rushed touch-ups will seemingly melt away. Here are several effective ways you can organize your bag and eliminate this stress from your life.
While we tend to store numerous amounts of makeup in our bag, do we really need it all on a daily basis? I fully know the urge to pack something just in case, but bringing only the necessities will make everything easier. Carrying the essentials begins with considering scenarios of what could happen through the day, and packing accordingly. Minimizing extra brushes, foundation, and fix your broken makeup!
Let’s talk about those daily essentials. There’s no question it’s a pain to sort through numerous products, especially when you don’t use them. What do you actually need to get through your day? Powder? Mascara? The lipstick shade that literally works with everything? You never know what could happen through the day, so even though you want to pack light, there are still a few things to consider including. A small compact is a helpful two-for-one: touch-up eyeshadow, as well as an available mirror. Let’s face it, phone selfie cameras don’t make the cut when it comes to makeup detail. An eyeliner pencil can also save the day, especially for those of us with oily or hooded eyelids. Q-tips can be a great help as well for damage control. The last things I would include as essentials would be hand cream and lip balm. I don’t know about you, but I can’t leave the house without them. Notice here that though I mentioned several products, the key is only having one of each. With this approach, you can fit all of your products in a small bag!

Choose Your Go-To Look
One way to organize your makeup bag is to choose products which center around one specific look. Consider a primary look which would work well for you when you’re out, attending meetings, running errands, etc. Pack your bag according to those products. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a basic look, just one you can easily create and makes you feel confident everywhere. This honestly depends on your personality and your skill-level with makeup. However, if you’re unsure where to start, I would say powder, mascara, eyeshadow, and a tinted lip balm could do the trick. Also, don’t worry if your preferred product is damaged (it’s the worst feeling when our eyeshadow shatters, isn’t it?). You can totally fix it with a makeup repair kit and extend the life of your beloved product!

Bags Within Your Bag
There is one trick I can honestly say has revolutionized my travel makeup bag. If I had heard of this earlier, I would have been saved numerous headaches and copious amounts of annoyance. Categorize your makeup into the different types of products, such as bases, lips, eyes, etc. Gather each of these categories into plastic Ziploc bags. Place your small bags in your main bag and you’re set to go! The next time you have two seconds to refresh your lipstick, you’ll know right where to find it.

Combination Palettes
If there’s one product that will create more space in your bag, it’s 3-in-1 palettes. These will be your best friend for minimizing products while keeping your essentials on hand. The best part of these palettes is that there are so many various styles on the market! With a little bit of research, you can easily find the perfect one for your bag. I love how some of them cover brows, eyes, and contour, while others handle bronzer, highlight, and blush. What easier way can you seamlessly transition from the office to a night out? In past times, heading out after work would involve taking all of your makeup with you. No longer with these brilliant palettes. Maybe you already have a 3-in-1 palette that would do the trick, but the powder is crushed? Fix it, girl! A makeup repair kit means it’s never been easier to continue using your favorite product.

Now that you know how to organize your bag, you no longer have to lug around a shoulder-aching, oversized purse! Not only will your shoulders thank you, but you also won’t spend wasted seconds aimlessly searching in your bag. As for when you happen to drop your gorgeous palette on tiled flooring, is here for you! An organized bag and your favorite makeup fixed? Now that’s two fewer things to worry about.


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