5 Cool Way to Rock Your Scarf This Winter

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The art of pulling off a scarf in a stylish and remarkable style takes some effort. We found this awesome article over at Boosh.com about some of the different ways you can wear your scarf this winter. If this doesn’t get some creative scarf ideas in your head, then you may want to just stick to necklaces. 

We’re breaking down our favorite looks for casual and fancier situations. Have fun, and happy scarfing!


1. The Pull-Through and Double Pull-Through are easy and fashionable ways to wear your scarf this winter in nearly any situation. You may find you’ll get asked by a person here or there if you’d like to take off your scarf, but just remember that they don’t fully appreciate the scarf as a neck adornment.

2. The Ribbon perhaps you aren’t one for rocking your much around your neck, so how can you wear your scarf this winter? I’d say The Ribbon style. Effortless, fun beyond words and just a little something extra to bring some drama to your ponytail.


3. The Parisian is the clear choice for a fancier situation. Wear your scarf this winter in this style to easily move from outer wear to any room. It’s such a subtle fashion statement that with the right scarf, this will look effortless.

It’s a look that beckons the images of Screen Sirens like Marlena Dietrich and Sofia Loren. It’s so classy and can be easily worn with a thicker or thinner scarf.

4. The Drape style is also a great option for a situation elevated from casual wear. The Drape style is ideal for thinner scarves or those with embellishments. It basically can become an upper body figure framer and create a slimmer and taller torso illusion.

5. The Twisted Snow Man is a complex enough variation on the Snow Man (possibly the most used style around) that brings the eye to the fun little twist and makes it much more of an adornment than a utility piece to stay warm. Again any thickness of a scarf and one with embellishments would be perfect if this is how you wear your scarf this winter.

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