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My brother, Bryan Fogel, who had an accredited off-broadway play, wrote a movie loosely based on his play called Jewtopia.

I was excited to hear that he had received funding and the movie was finally going into production. With a limited budget, he had to quickly film the movie in just over a month. He invited us out for several days of filming and we couldn’t miss the opportunity so we quickly booked tickets to fly out to California.

Being on set with all the actors and seeing my brother directing the film was a thrill. It was also great to meet the makeup artists on set and see them in action. During some down time, I asked the makeup artist what they thought of the concept of creating a kit to fix makeup. Lorraine was the first to say, “You have to do this! It would be amazing if I had a way to fix my cracked makeup.” She and the other makeup artist started showing us all the broken eye shadow, pressed powder and blush. The more we talked, the more I realized we were still on to a good concept.

What I was surprised by, was that the makeup artist didn’t want some high-end expensive version of the kit. They’d rather have the consumer version with the option to buy additional items they would need most. After additional research, this confirmed that we needed to price the kit as inexpensive as possible. We then made this one of our goals while working with our future industrial designers.

And the journey to design to kit to fix broken makeup continued.

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