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The 80's are Back - Neon Makeup!

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One of the coolest makeup fads trending now is something bright and colorful thanks to LUNA . In fact, our parents might have even worn something like this in the 80s. Neon makeup is making quite the jolt this season. Even the Queen B is wearing it in her new "Formation" video. 

Neon What?
Yes! Neon shades of highly pigmented eyeshadows and lip colors so bright that it almost glows on your face. In fact, these highly pigmented eyeshadows when applied to a white canvas are giving both makeup artists and the average makeup buff a chance to showcase a few incredible looks that are sure to stand out in the crowd. I, for one, think this makeup trend is a next level style of amazing. 

Neon Makeup Instagram

Credit@ alexandraclaremua
How to Use Neon Makeup

There is no right or wrong way to use neon makeup (thank god), but even for us, makeup fanatics neon is still a new concept. There are several different ways to use neon makeup, giving unlimited possibilities for those of us who are bold enough to try them.

One way to try neon makeup is to highlight your eyes. This probably is the most popular way to use neon makeup, and the results are really cool. By using neon eyeshadow to highlight the crease or corners of your eyes, you can make your eye color pop in a way that average, eyeshadows can't do. Think amazing bright drama.

Neon Makeup
Credit @marioncameleon

Another way to try neon makeup is to accentuate your lips. The same way that you might use neon makeup to make your eyes pop is the same way that you can highlight your lips. This draws attention to your lips in a seriously fun way.

True artists have even taken it a step further to create entire looks neon makeup. Think Halloween, fashion shows, raves etc. I have yet to see these looks out on the street but I am sure they will start popping up at parties.

Instagram Neon Makeup
Credit @lokis_godness

What to Buy

So now it's time to give it a try. Here is what I have found to help create that neon glow.

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment

Urban Decay Electric Pressed Pigment

Kryolan Florescent Eye Shadow

Kryloan Eye Shawdow

NYX Cosmetics White Liquid Liner
NYX Liquid White Eyeliner


Like any makeup, neon makeup can break (insert small tear). Neon makeup is so highly pigmented, which means the common DIY fixes won't work well on this shadow should it break. Luckily for all of us, there is an amazing product that fixes makeup without harming the pigment.

Vist our Fixy page to see our latest kit to fix all of your broken powders, especially those beautiful pigmented neon shadows.



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