Tips: What To Wear To Meet The Folks

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You only get one chance to make a first impression, and it’s never more important than when you meet the folks. It can be very intimidating, which is the case more often than not. I mean, there’s always the underlying pressure of the possibility that his or her’s mom and pop could become your future in-laws! Yiiiikes. But really, that is what takes place in the back of our minds if we’ve gotten serious enough with someone to get introduced to their nearest and dearest kin. That said, your first impression needs to be everlasting, and only in the positive sense of the word. You want to walk away saying to yourself: “nailed it!”

And here’s how: One STELLAR OUTFIT. Dress to impress and don’t settle for less. We hate to consider ourselves so vain, yet your physical appearance is literally the first thing people base their opinions on so let’s make it count.

Do your homework Find out what their parents like. Are they more likely to be found at the opera or sitting around the dinner table? Are they vegetarians or ‘meat lover’s pizza’ kind of folks? Mentally scout out these hypothetical scenarios beforehand so that you can dress accordingly for the occasion.

Dress Accordingly

For example, showing up to a backyard BBQ with cornhole and dogs on the grill in a skimpy black dress and a strappy sandal will give the impression that you are a diva and plausibly uptight. On the contrary, showing up to a fancy dinner out on the town in ripped boyfriend jeans, a plain-white-T and TOM’s can give off heirs that you don’t take life seriously or that you lack ambition.

Important TIP: Even at a casual eatery, being a slightly overdressed is better; wear the tailored trousers rather than leggings. For something more formal, perhaps a pencil skirt with some understated jewelry, a solid color blouse, a clutch bag and some ballet flats.

What to Avoid No Matter What

When choosing your outfit, the overall look is critical. Steer clear of anything sheer, or that shows underwear or too much flesh. Stray away from anything too short, or too low. Cover up tattoos, have your makeup be polished yet natural, and get your nails done. Think girl next door, rather than the girl on the corner.

Let You be YOU

REMEMBER: What shines through THE most is candidly being yourself. Be comfortable in the skin you’re in. Wear shoes you can walk in, have your hair pulled back enough to show the beautiful expressions on your face which truly make you YOU, and embrace the joy in your heart when being with the one you love. Let it come out in laughter and don’t forget to have fun! Because you are the girl who was special enough to bring home, and that speaks volumes before you even walk through the door.

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