How to Create New Colors using the FIXY Kit

Step 1: Dig Out Colors & Grind Them

One of the most fun and creative aspects of the FIXY kit is that you can blend any unused colors to create a whole new look. We all have makeup just sitting around that we never use. It's such a waste! Blending colors like the highlighters in the above video is the same process as repairing makeup, with just the extra step of adding more colors before grinding up the makeup. First, remove all the makeup you want from their original pans to the top of the screen. PRO TIP: Use the pick end of the tool instead of the scraper and it will be less messy. As seen in the video, pick the colors you want to blend and add them all at once. Start by pressing and twisting then grind the final power through in a circular motion. You can use the brush to get every last bit through the screen.

Step 2: Mix Your Colors

The grinding process will turn your makeup into a very fine powder, prior to repressing it. Since you combined multiple colors, you can now use the scraper tool or brush to mix up the colors a little more before starting the next step. This step is to just make sure you have blended the colors as much as possible. 

Step 3: Choose And Pour

Depending on how much product you have, you will need to choose the appropriate pan size to fill. FIXY offers 3 standard pan sizes and it’s best to have extra because it’s disappointing to run out if you’re in the middle of the process. Place your pan into the appropriate hole into the bottom press part. Then carefully pour your powder into the container using the help of the brush that comes with the kit. The kit includes a fill line so be careful not to fill over the line. PRO TIP: If you have extra makeup, just makeup up another pan after you press the first one.

Step 4: Bind It

Not all makeup requires a binding agent so this is an important step to understand. If your makeup is a mineral makeup, it typically has a binding agent in it and you can typically skip this step and just press it. Most other powders need a binding agent so that’s why the FIXY Binding Spray will work great. It is a simple formula that is safe for sensitive skin and works incredibly well. After you poured the loose makeup into the pan in the bottom pres part, spray the pans gently from approximately five inches away. This FIXY binder ensures that the powders function the way they should, and it allows each piece of pigment to apply flawlessly when it's finished. Other products suggest drowning your makeup in binding agents, but it absolutely can change the color of your makeup. So follow the instructions of very minimal sprays, making sure the makeup is just lightly damp before pressing it.

Step 5: Press It & Use It

Pressing is the fun part. Place the top press part onto the bottom press part and press your makeup with a good amount of force. It’s recommended to press for about 10 seconds. Lift only the top press part to see if you like how the makeup looks. If you need to press one more time, go ahead and do it before lift the bottom press part. Once satisfied, lift that bottom press part to see your newly pressed makeup and your brand new makeup color from blending colors. 

The FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit comes with a small magnetic palette to add all the makeup you have created. If you want more space, FIXY also offers a beautiful large magnetic palette to add all of your creations into. It’s so satisfying to have all your creations and favorite powders in one palette.

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