Pre-Sale FAQ Page - FIXY Kit Square Version


When we first designed the FIXY Kit we knew that our customers would want to be able to press makeup in all different shapes and sizes. This is why we included the option to press into any shape makeup pan when we patented the process for repressing makeup. Our patent became official in 2018, but with us self-funding our business we were not able to create a square press version of our kit as quickly as we wanted to. We now need our customers help in order to meet our presale goal so we can produce our first run of the kit allowing you to press into square magnetic makeup pans. Thank you for all the support year over year. Let's do this!

Jill Rossini - Founder


Why a crowdfunding campaign?
The FIXY Kit is a very complex product with a lot of components. In order to create a version of the kit that allows you to press in the square pan, new designs of the square press and components needed to be created and tested, then it requires the creation of tooling as well as production of all components of the kit. We designed the kit to be incredibly durable, but this also means it's expensive to produce. Quality has always been our priority though.

Why do you need my help?
We need our customers support to raise the funds, but also raise awareness of new product. We need your support to help us find others in the community that will love the FIXY Kit as much as you do. We also need to know that there is enough demand before we make such a large investment. We put our heart & soul into making FIXY a reality and now we need your support. Thank you so much!

When will my pre-order ship?
If we meet the pre-order campaign goal, final tooling and production will start immediately. We are currently estimating 5-6 months to complete all steps to create the product. We will be 100% dedicated to producing the product as quickly as possible, but with the same level of quality we have always delivered in the past.

When will I get updates about my order?
We will send ongoing email updates throughout the production process so that you will know exactly how production is going. We want you to be part of the journey so we will share updates via email as well as on social media. Please make sure to cheap your spam folder so you don't miss any important details. As soon as the product is produced, we will start shipping immediately.

What sizes are the square pans?
Large: 41mm x 41mm
Medium: 31.5mm x 28.5mm
Small: 21mm x 21mm

What palettes will the square pans fit into?
The square pans will fit in FIXY palettes and we will definitely produce various size palettes that allow for a perfect fit of the makeup pans. We carefully selected the pan sizes so that you can additionally mix and match square pan sizes in the palettes with optimal use of space. NOTE: We did not have interest from others brands to collaborate on pan sizes & palette sizes, so we can not guarantee how our pans will fit into empty makeup palettes from other brands.