FIXY's Binder Let's You Fix & Use Your Makeup Immediately!

broken makeup binder

No waiting after fixing your makeup

The best part of the FIXY Kit is that there is no waiting after fixing your makeup or blending colors and it only takes about 3 minutes to do the simple process. Years were spent perfecting both the design of the kit and the binding solution. The press component of the kit works so well that you only need a small amount of the FIXY Binding spray, which means it will evaporate so quickly that you can use your makeup immediately! If you happen to have mineral makeup, that makeup often has a binding element in it and you may not need any binding solution at all. In that case, we recommend trying to press first without spraying any binding solution.

The FIXY Makeup Repair Binder has two simple ingredients and will not irritate your skin. Not only will you be able to use your makeup immediately, but it will not change the color of your makeup. Any binder that requires a large amount of it will turn your makeup a different color, but with FIXY, your makeup will look exactly the same again. We tested countless options over multiple years to find the perfect blend. Since alcohol is one of the ingredients, your makeup will also be sanitized. Our customers love how well this makeup binder works and even use it to depot makeup and blend new colors. The creative options are endless.

Minimal Sprays Needed

The trick to the FIXY Binder is that you only need very few sprays to bind your powder makeup back to brand new. The kit comes with 3 of each size makeup pan and the makeup pans are deeper than your typical makeup pan. The empty makeup pans sizes are: small (27mm), medium (37mm) and large (47mm).

  • Small Pan = 1-2 sprays
  • Medium Pan = 2-3 sprays
  • Lage Pan =  3-4 sprays

There is no solution on the market that allows for immediate use so don't miss out on this amazing and patented solution for re-binding your broken makeup.