Create a custom eyeshadow

How to create a custom quad eyeshadow

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You probably have a lot of separate makeup containers in your purse or scattered all over your bathroom counter. It's hard to stay organized, and you could easily lose some of your favorite colors in the large ocean of products. Did you know that you can turn them into quads and have all your favorite eyeshadows together? With the right supplies and instructions, you can save space by turning them into quads. Follow the steps below so you can start saving space and getting organized.

Let’s Get Started!

Get all of the eyeshadow colors you want to put in your quad. Keep in mind that it's not about combining any four colors. You want to choose the four that best compliment each other or bring out a certain style. You can even find a color wheel and try combining colors opposite each other to create a look that stands out. Use hues next to each other on the wheel if you want to produce a more subtle appearance. Next, you’ll need the FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit. This kit contains all the tools you need to rebind and repress your powders allowing you to create your quads. What's great about this kit is that it's reusable, so you can make as many as you want.

1. Break Up the Makeup

Go to your FIXY kit and get that custom pick tool out. The sharp pick end of the tool is used for breaking up the makeup into the grinding box. Start by taking the pick and carefully breaking up the first color of eyeshadow in its original containment. Next, you’ll hold the makeup above the grinding box and using the pick tool, carefully slide the powder into the top of the grinding box.

2. Grind Up the Makeup

Once the first powder is in the grinding box, use the grinding tool to press and grind the makeup through the screen. This step is oddly satisfying. The pick also has a scraper on the other end of the tool, which can also be used to get any makeup that gets stuck on the sides of the blending box. You can also lightly tap the screen with the grinding tool to get every last bit of makeup through the screen. Find some small cups to hold the loose makeup for now. Repeat this step for all 4 colors you wish to have in your quad by cleaning the tools with just soap and water. The kit is reusable so you can make as many quads as your heart desires.

3. Transfer Powder to Makeup Pans

There are three sizes of makeup pans this kit comes with: small (27mm), medium (37mm), and large (47mm). Each kit includes 3 of each of the sizes and they offer refill quantities for the pans, plus bundle options. Since we're making a quad, it's important to use the large makeup pan. Look at the pan and visualize four separate sections in it. Now put each color in a respective section with the scraper or a very small spoon. It's okay if they're touching, but do your best to make sure the colors don't overlap or combine too much.

4. Set up the Press

The makeup press is composed of two parts. There's the bottom part with three small holes in the three sizes of the makeup pans. Place the bottom part over the full makeup pan that you’ve added the four colors into. The second part is the top part has three black cylinders attached that fit into the three bottom holes, but don’t press yet. You will need to spray the FIXY binding spray before pressing the makeup.

5. Spray the FIXY Binding Spray

Before we spray the makeup, determine If your eyeshadow colors are a mineral makeup. If they are a mineral makeup, the makeup probably already contains a binding agent and may not need any binding solution added. If the makeup is non-mineral, then you’ll follow the steps to spray your quad powder with the FIXY Binding Spray. The binding spray is used to restore the makeup to its non-crumbly self. The binding spray is not full of harmful ingredients and won't irritate your skin. It dries immediately and will not change the color of the makeup. Countless options were tested over several years to find the perfect blend.

6. Press Your Makeup

Fit the top part of the press into the proper holes so you may press down on the makeup. Once it’s lined up, press with a good amount of force for at least ten seconds. Try not to push too hard, or you may end up breaking the makeup into pieces again. Slowly remove just the top press, leaving the bottom part of the press with the holes on your table. If you like how the makeup is pressed, lift the bottom part of the makeup press to free the pan. If there is a little bit of overflow of makeup, you can lightly tap the makeup pan on one edge to let any loose powder fall off. Your quad is officially complete and now you can transfer your quad into the Magnetic Makeup Palette provided with the FIXY Kit. The best part is that you can add your quad to the magnetic palette, plus your favorite blush, foundation, and highlight. You’re now ready for any upcoming travel or that last-minute date!

You did it. Let’s Celebrate!

Wasn’t that fun? Being creative is so easy with the FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit. Plus, having an eyeshadow quad is so handy and it will save you so much space. You no longer have to search through your bag to find exactly what you need. If your friends love makeup as much as you, then plan a girls' night to meet up and figure out the perfect color palettes to put into each of your quads. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get together and drink some wine. Who’s ready for a night with the girls and some good drinks? Let’s do this!

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