Blending Your Unused Colors to Create a New Eyeshadow

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There is nothing cuter and when a child makes a special gift for one of their parents. Well, this time my daughter was insistent on using the FIXY kit to make me a gift. She loves how easy it is to use the kit and of course loves playing with makeup. She is surrounded by FIXY Makeup kits because we're constantly shipping packages out to customers. She was getting annoyed though that she wasn't getting to play with the makeup kit as much as she wanted to. I finally decided to take time out to let Goldye create one of the coolest looks I've ever seen. A beautiful new custom eyeshadow. There's nothing better than seeing your child's creativity come to life. 

Goldye is only 7 years old, but she knew exactly what colors she wanted to blend to create a new custom look for me. She knew she didn't want it to be too dark so since she had two colors, a blue and green shade, she wanted to make sure she introduced a light color to balance out the look. I thought the process was pretty amazing to say the least. So she decided that a light off white color needed to be added in to tone down the final look. She's used the kit before but it's actually been quite some time so I was curious to see how well she would do it. Thankfully our kit is so intuitive and easy-to-use that it was simple for her to jump right back in. 

I decided to film Goldye as she walked us through the steps of how she was going to blend some eye shadows that mom was never going to use in order to create a brand new look. Goldye started off by taking each of the three colors that she wanted to blend and she broke them into the screen section of the FIXY makeup creation and repair kit. Using the sharp pick end of the text scraper tool helps to get the makeup out without it making such a mess.  Goldye got all the makeup into the screen and started to grind the makeup through the screen. Now there are two options here. You can either blend the make up a bit before you grind it or you can grind it through the screen then use the tools provided to mix up the makeup even more. The idea is to mix up the makeup as much as possible before you go to the step of pressing it to create your new look.

Next Goldye picked the makeup pan she felt with the right size and put it into the bottom section of the press components. She then used the brush to brush to freshly ground makeup into the hole with a pan. From here she followed the instructions on the brining solution and sprayed the makeup the appropriate amount of times. The FIXY binding solution only has two ingredients and is quick-drying so that after finishing the process, the makeup can be used immediately. Unlike just using alcohol you do not need to use that much and it won't leave a film on your makeup as alcohol does.

After Goldye sprayed the makeup with the binding solution she then took the top part of the press and lined it up with the bottom part of the press components to press the makeup. She knows that you have to press it with a good amount of force so she even stood up taller to press down on her makeup. Then she knew not to lift both parts but just the top part of the press to check to see if she liked the way her makeup looked. Goldye likes to make sure that thing's what perfect, so she gave it another good press just to be sure. then she left the bottom section of the press to see her newly created custom eyeshadow. It looked beautiful! I can't believe how gorgeous of a look she had created and she knew what colors to mix.

Goldye created this beautiful teal look and I was dying to try it. Even though she wanted to make this custom color for me I knew that we both would need to wear it. So I grabbed my favorite brush and started to apply the Eyeshadow to her first and then me. The thing we both loved about the FIXY makeup creation repair kit is that after you press your makeup you can use it immediately. This was always a priority for me when I started designing this product. I spent years trying to figure out not only the best process and design but it's a solution that would allow us to bind the makeup and immediately use it. There's nothing worse than creating a custom eyeshadow or fixing your makeup, but then having to wait till the next day to use it. Nope, just press it and use it!

Goldye and I love going out that night to dinner and showing off our new eyeshadow. I never pressured Goldye into wearing makeup and definitely feel like there's an age that's more appropriate to wear it but this was a special night and such a damn cute gift from her that I was so excited we were both wearing our new eyeshadow together. So even though this is a cute story of a seven-year-old creating a custom color it just shows how fun and creative the fixing makeup creation and repair kit can be.


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