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Depotting makeup in minutes using 5 easy steps

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Stop the Chaos

Let's all stop the chaos of traveling with way too much makeup. Wouldn't it be great to have all your favorite makeup in one small palette? Did you know that you can quickly depot your most-used powders with the FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit? The best part of it is that it's way faster than other depotting techniques. The expensive depotting techniques can take a long time and you may even break your makeup during the process. Nobody wants that and FIXY is here to the rescue if that happens as well. Most makeup products are designed to be inside a pallet permanently and until you throw the product away. You can not only depot and combine your favorites, but fix any broken makeup and create new fun colors from your unused makeup. The FIXY Kit allows you to do all of those options and much more.

Messes And Experimentation

I've made the mistake of experimenting with depotting my cosmetics too many times to count. There are dozens of methods on the Internet, and there are countless products to help you with the process. They don't tell you that these DIY steps are complicated and time consuming. It wastes your products, and it doesn't have to be a mess that results in trashing your makeup. Experiments are fun, but it's best to not experiment with products you care about. The advantage of using the FIXY Makeup Creation and Repair Kit is that you can repress any makeup you are not happy with. The process is so simple though, that after doing it once, you’ve got it.

Travel Made Easy

Depotting makeup and placing it all into one palette allows you to organize your favorite products in one palette. No more messes from carrying dozens of products. No more breaks in your favorite powder. When you depot the easy way, you can have a travel palette ready to go at the last minute.

Skip The Mess

Follow the instructions below for depotting your cosmetics quickly and easily so you can customize your own travel palette with brand-new colors and fresh products that are created from your old and broken cosmetics. Depotting can take hours, but FIXY speeds it up to just a few minutes for each pressed powder makeup you want to depot.

Gather Your Makeup

I like to gather all of my powders and put them in a big pile to sort through what can be salvaged and what needs to be tossed. This is also a great time to start disinfecting products. I use the FIXY Binding Spray to spritz all of my powders and kill off any germs that may be harbored on the surface or between cracks. If you have a lot of products to go through, you might want to break it down and start with something simple first. If your makeup has expired, just toss it out. It won't be worth saving if it's already reached its expiration or has too much oil residue on the surface of the powder.

Make A Plan

Before really get started, I decide whether I'm going to blend colors to create something new. Experimenting is fun, so I often blend colors to create unique eyeshadows that I can't buy anywhere else. This is also way better than just throwing out colors in a palette you don’t think you’ll ever use. This part is the most fun because the possibilities are endless. I then think about the number of makeup pans I’ll want to fill. I also make sure my work area is clean and sanitized. You can even layout paper towels to cover whatever surface you are working on. 

Planning the result you want from the process of depotting is the part that takes the longest, but it’s well worth it. It's best to get this out of the way so that you can be sure you have enough pans and binding spray.

Step One: Dig It Out

When you buy a product from a company, they intend for that product to stay in the palette, so it doesn't come out without using a trick or tool. I use the pick end of the FIXY pick/scraper tool to gently remove whatever powder I'm working with to remove it from the original pan and into the FIXY screen to grind up the makeup, so I can later repress it into a new makeup pan. This process is satisfying and quick, but I'm not ashamed to say that I have way too much fun scraping powders out. You can do this with any powder makeup including blush, highlighter, bronzers and eyeshadows.

Step Two: Dump It And Grind

After you've scraped your powders, you dump your individual or combination products into the FIXY grinding screen, before pressing it through the screen with the grinding tool. I like to grind my powders together when I'm creating a new shade. You can get creative and mix boring matte colors with shimmery shadows to create something more balanced. If you've ever come across a shade in a palette that just didn't work well, this is a great way to give it a new look. The grinding process will turn your makeup into a very fine powder, prior to repressing it. This process is so satisfying, especially if the makeup was broken prior. 

Step Three: Choose And Pour

Depending on how much product you have, you will need to choose the appropriate pan size to fill. FIXY offers 3 standard pan sizes and it’s best to have extra because it’s disappointing to run out if you’re in the middle of the process. Place your tin into the appropriate into the bottom press part. Then carefully pour your powder into the container using the help of the brush that comes with the kit. The kit includes a fill line so be careful not to fill over the line. 

Step Four: Bind It

Not all makeup requires a binding agent so this is an important step to understand. If your makeup is a mineral makeup, it typically has a binding agent in it and you can typically skip this step and just press it. Most other powders need a binding agent so that’s why the FIXY Binding Spray will work great. It is a simple formula that is safe for sensitive skin and works incredibly well. After you poured the loose makeup into the tin in the bottom pres part, spray the pans gently from approximately five inches away. This FIXY binder ensures that the powders function the way they should, and it allows each piece of pigment to apply flawlessly when it's finished. Other products suggest drowning your makeup in binding agents, but it absolutely can change the color of your makeup. So follow the instructions of very minimal sprays, making sure the makeup is just lightly damp before pressing it.

Step Five: Press It

Pressing is the fun part. Place the top press part onto the bottom press part and press your makeup with a good amount of force. It’s recommended to press for about 10 seconds. Lift only the top press part to see if you like how the makeup looks. If you need to press one more time, go ahead and do it before lift the bottom press part. Once satisfied, lift that bottom press part to see your newly pressed makeup. 

The FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit comes with a small magnetic palette to add all the makeup you depot. If you want more space, FIXY offers a beautiful large magnetic palette to add all of your creations into. It’s so satisfying to have all your creations and favorite powders in one palette.

Use It And Show It Off

Making your own makeup out of broken or old powders is a creative process. After you finish the simple steps of depotting your makeup, I love showing my friends the custom shadows I've made. FIXY loves seeing everyones creations and will repost whatever you make if you tage #FIXYMAKEUP. Remember, you can create endlessly with a few simple steps. The hardest part is choosing which colors and powders to depot and mix.

Have Fun

Giving old makeup a new life can be so much fun, and it is definitely a time to be creative. Invite friends over and have a depotting party altogether. You can even exchange the creations that you make for each other. Keep in mind that you don't have to be creative or skilled to do this. The process is actually incredibly easy and each kit comes with easy to follow instructions. 

Trying a kit that has been tested to work again and again is a guaranteed way to make sure your depotted projects go quickly and leave you with a beautiful result. Check out our makeup-fixing kit to get started.

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