How to Find the Best Eyeshadow for your Eye-color

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Choosing the best eyeshadow palette to match your eye color can make all the difference, be it a flawless look and makeup disaster! Certain shades can really make your eyes pop while others won’t make the best of your features, so it’s important to get clued in on what’s right for you.

The eyes, of course, are the windows to the soul. They are usually the first aspect of a person we notice and take center stage when it comes to makeup application. So time to step up your makeup game and discover the perfect color to get heads turning!

Thankfully, there is a formula when it comes to identifying your eyeshadow match, and with the array of color options out there, it’s never been easier to achieve the perfect look, no matter what color your peepers are.

The Best Eyeshadow Color Brown Eyes

Ladies with brown eyes may share the most universally common eye color, but they are at an advantage. Brown is a mix of primary colors, so they have a myriad of options when it comes to color. For example, brown eyes can pull off vibrant blue tones like no other. Makeup artist Emily Kate Warren said: “An electric shade really makes brown eyes pop—I just love the contrast.”

For subtler looks, warm terracotta or reddish-brown to golden shades will add depth to brown eyes and are great for an everyday look. Metallic flecks in an eyeshadow also work beautifully for bringing out golden tones.

The Best Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Green-eyed girls may face difficulty in finding the right eyeshadow match. There is a lot of mixed information about the best makeup for green eyes, but above all, consider taupe a green-eyed girl’s best friend! This natural color has warm undertones which flatter green eyes perfectly. To create a more striking look, almost any shade of purple will set green eyes off and create a bright, vibrant effect. For a more dramatic nighttime look, experiment with darker plum shades-and possibly some with sparkly or metallic notes- to boost the glamour factor and accentuate your gorgeous green eyes.

The Best Eyeshadow for Hazel Eyes

Good news! LA-based makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen says: “Hazel eyes are the middle ground between brown and green, which means you can pull off shades from both color families.” Try using a brown base and layer with golden tones to really accentuate eye color. Light creamy shades, and even forest green, work well and will highlight hazel eyes. But really, there are endless possibilities for experimentation. So look for a large 50-color palette to start experimenting away!

The Best Eyeshadow for Blue Eyes

There are several options with eye makeup for blue eyes that will help bring out tones, whether it’s a sky blue or a deeper navy. Terracotta and/or a warm rusty shade will really make a pair of baby blues stand out. Beware that blue eyes sometimes get lost in blue or green shadows, so if those colors are applied, combine them with a purplish note…one that is more on the maroon side. Think heather grey shadow paired with amber/prune eyeliner, or a taupe eyeshadow base layered with a plum crease. These combos are a guarantee to intensify blue eye color and make them sparkle like no other!

The Best Eyeshadow for Black Eyes

Black and dark brown eyes have much depth and mystery, it’s important to bring out the best of them. Like with hazel, black eyes can work with almost any shade. Deep browns with golden flecks, or royal purples will enhance depth and can be swept over the lid for a smoky effect. Blush pinks and silvers also look fantastic and can be mixed with an eye-popping teal or turquoise. Who’d of thought?! Perfecting the nude look with dark eyes (think Kim Kardashian) creates striking yet naturally beautiful eyes that will most certainly capture everyone’s attention.

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