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How to Wear Scarves for Any Season

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With Summer turning into Fall, it’s a great time of year to add a little extra layer to an outfit. Although you can wear a scarf all year round, the element of it serving the purpose of warmth makes it an essential component to an outfit.

Therefore what better time to start than his time of year! Whether it be a pashmina or a wool blanket scarf, the opportunities are endless. Here are merely just a few to try on for size. The FIXY Top 5 for Fashionable Scarves:

The Chic Bunny Scarf

This look is one to use while transitioning from Summer to Fall, first and foremost. It is easy and breezy, with a spin off the Old Hollywood Tinseltown style, Chic Bunny. Using a silk or translucently light scarf, tie around the base of the neck and have the ends fall loosely down to your belly button area. Using a scarf with a floral print is a nice touch!

The Twist & Loop Scarf

The Twist & Loop is the perfect addition to a plain white tee or a solid colored long sleeved shirt. It is also a playful way to dress up a more plain looking scarf itself. A solid colored scarf is preferred to show off the style of the knot. We have it paired with a royal blue scarf to highlight its intricate flair, yet it’s one of the easiest scarf techniques around! It can be executed in 4 easy steps.

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The Bow Scarf

The Bow scarf style is recommended for wear around the holiday season to best capture the festive fashion for that time of year. Use a plaid scarf as well to accommodate the season. It is a statement look, so keep what you’re wearing sleek and understated. It’s a great spin on the basic plaid look, and you should be able to execute it with ease and grace after wrapping all your holiday presents!

The Woven Knot Scarf

The Woven Knot scarf is to be used with a pashmina, like the elongated chic bunny. It is yet another look that looks complicated but is easy to do. Pair it with a bomber jacket or oversized cardigan to be up the latest on the trends. It is also beautifully softened when paired with overalls, or a cat-eye jacket.

The Blanket Scarf

The blanket scarf style is one that helps make the entire outfit because it essentially IS the entire outfit! Simply use a blanket scarf and drape frontwards over your body. Flatten it out to spread over the entirety of your shirt, and cinch at the middle with a high waisted belt. Go for a printed, plaid, or even a camouflage scarf to give it an edge. Goes great with Aviator sunglasses and a fur bootie.

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