2 Reasons Why Too Much Alcohol Can Ruin Your Makeup

Posted by Jill Rossini on

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic or love the idea of making your own cosmetics out of old, cracked or crushed palettes, you might have seen people recommend using alcohol as a binder to fix broken makeup. The basic idea is that you can combine non-mineral powder makeup with alcohol, mix it until it has the consistency of clay, and press it into a compact. 

This can seem like a miracle hack, which can prevent your heart from shattering when you drop that expensive new eyeshadow and break it into a million pieces. Can alcohol really restore your broken makeup to its original splendor? Stop your ugly crying long enough to read this. 

The answer isn't so easy. Alcohol is a relatively pure liquid that can help rebind the powder as you press it back into shape after depotting makeup. It eventually evaporates, leaving behind a funky-looking pan of pressed powder. 

Unfortunately, your makeup will never be the same. You may be impressed by your ability to blend different colors together to make a completely custom look. However, after depotting makeup and reconstituting it with alcohol, the product may not work as well as it once did. 

For one, the new pan of powder isn't so pretty. It often ends up looking sloppy. It could be even drier and more prone to shattering than it was before, which may prevent the palette from becoming a staple in your portable makeup bag. Also, adding too much alcohol can change the way that the product behaves. It can create a film over the powder, making it virtually impossible to apply. 

In sum, save your vodka for Jell-O shots. A little alcohol helps sanitize your makeup, but too much alters it in a way that compromises its quality. In some cases, you need to use so much alcohol to reconstitute your makeup that it takes days to dry. 

FIXY Makeup solves that problem by offering the perfect binding spray for your broken makeup. It contains a small amount of alcohol for sanitizing purposes, but it also contains silicone to help your makeup glide on more smoothly. 

Instead of Frankensteining a messy concoction that’s the consistency of peanut butter, all you have to do is crush your existing makeup into a powder. Tap it into a palette, and spray it with FIXY makeup binder to secure it into a clean, fresh and completely new makeup product. 

You don’t have to drown your makeup sorrows in alcohol. Nor do you have to worry about unnecessary extras in your makeup. FIXY makeup binding spray contains minimal ingredients and is cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free so that you can be confident about what you’re putting on your face. Cheers!

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