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The Best Lip Plumpers - What Works and What Doesn't

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Thanks to the likes of Kylie Jenner, lip plumping is the biggest trend on the beauty market, and rightly so. Lip plumpers are used to make the lips appear fuller and are taking the beauty world by storm for their seemingly magical powers. By the looks of celebrity before and afters, they really do work!
No longer do you have to rely on just your bright lipstick to stand out from the crowd. In fact, lip plumpers can provide a more natural look while still making a statement, and are known to last longer than most other glosses and lipsticks. The important piece being you find the one that’s right for you and has the guarantee of some street cred to back it up.  

For someone brand new to lip plumping or struggling to find the right product, here are 6 tips for what works and what doesn’t…

1. For Everyday Use
Keeping it affordable yet powerful, everyday lip plumping is important to get right. A brand like Soap & Glory with a loyal fanbase is ideal. The Sexy Mother Pucker in Candy Queen is a product that everyone seems to stand by and is the safe and secure option, meaning your lips won’t be dried out and chapped beyond return in a few month’s time.

2. For Overnight Plumping
Some lip plumpers are best applied before bed and can create the biggest, smoothest lips that you can wake up the next day and feel ready to take on the world. How cool is that?! A product like Lancer Skincare Volume Enhancing Lip Serum combines the moisturizing and shine qualities you want in one simple formula.

3. For When You’re In A Rush
You need something fast-acting and fabulous for those moments when you’re about to run out the door. One of the first lip plumpers on the market, DuWop Lip Venom, is a great option. It’s instant, smells amazing and contains cinnamon and ginger. What could be more desirable?

4. For A Night Out
Oil-based serums which boost blood circulation in the lip area provide fast-action plumping, and even temporarily enhance lip pigment to give a more pinkish tone. This is great for a dramatic look on a night out. Products like Noid's Lip Bio-Lipid Concentrate combine lipids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides to create the long-lasting volume that will see you through to the early morn’. Plus, when you use it regularly you’ll see a 25% increase in lip size after just four weeks – wow.

5. Lip Plumpers to Avoid
Two-in-one products are often overstretching their capabilities, such as the E.L.F. Studio Lip Primer and Plumper. Some users have attested to allergic reactions, and have felt burning when using it. IMPO, perhaps it’s best to stick to the plumper that claims to do its job and its job only. Side effects for a lip gloss? We think not...!

6. If In Doubt
When reluctant to invest in a product you haven’t used before, or you’re feeling buyer’s remorse before you even purchase a plumper out of fear that it’s just not worth it, shop around Nordstrom or other department stores for samples to test before buying! Makeup counters are more than happy to assist.

Once your lips are plumped and perfect you can go about finding the perfect red lipstick to complete your look – we’ve even got a blog post for that right here.

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