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FIXY $50 broken makeup gift set with repair kit  empty makeup palette
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To all the crafty makeup nerds out there, you'll love the FIXY Makeup Creation Gift Set. It includes:
(1) Makeup Creation & Repair Kit
(1) Small Empty Magnetic Makeup Palette 
(1) Gift Box

Use the FIXY Kit to blend makeup colors to create a new look, repair broken makeup or depot your makeup. Then take your creations and add them to our beautiful "post-consumer recycle" plastic empty magnetic palette.
FIXY $100 Makeup gift set makeup repair kit empty pans makeup binder empty magnetic palettes
$100.00 Sale Save

Makeup & beauty lovers rejoice with the FIXY Makeup Essentials $100 Gift Set.  
It includes:
(1) Makeup Creation & Repair Kit 
(2) Small Empty Magnetic Makeup Palettes
(2) Medium Empty Magnetic Makeup Palettes 
(1) Ultimate Refill Kit 
(1) Gift Box

Fix your broken makeup! Create new shades with colors you aren't using in your makeup palettes! Get crafty and start having fun!

FIXY broken makeup $150 gift set with repair kit empty makeup pans and 4oz fixy binder empty makeup palettes
$150.00 Sale Save

Makeup lovers rejoice with our FIXY Makeup $150 Gift Set! For those that love depotting, and makeup organization. It includes:
(1) Makeup Creation & Repair Kit 
(2) Small Empty Magnetic Makeup Palettes
(2) Medium Empty Magnetic Makeup Palettes
(1) 4oz Makeup Repair Binder
(60) Small Magnetic Makeup Pans
(40) Medium Magnetic Makeup Pans
(20) Large Magnetic Makeup Pans
1) Gift Box

Perfect set for depotting eyeshadow, blush or bronzers to create your perfect collection of favorites or to organize by color.


what will you do with your FIXY?

create a custom palette

Blend new colors and create a new custom look

fix broken makeup

Say goodbye to broken makeup.

depot & condense

Create the perfect travel kit for work or home

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