how to fix broken eyeshdow

How to Fix Broken Eyeshadow with FIXY

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There is nothing more upsetting than getting a delivery of your favorite eyeshadow palette and one of the eye shadows arrived broken. Sometimes your new makeup palette arrives just fine, but you accidentally drop it and break it by accident. If you want your makeup to look brand new again without any color change, there is only one solution that will make it perfect again. The FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit is the perfect fix for broken powders. It’s simple and quick to use. FIXY has all the tools you need to fix broken makeup, but also includes a beautiful magnetic makeup pan and extra makeup pans.

how to fix broken eyeshadow

FIXY’s tools are designed to give you the most effective process to repair your broken eyeshadow. The Pick & Scraper tool is a multi-purpose tool. The pick end of the tool is designed to remove your broken powder without a big mess. Using a sharp point helps avoid makeup chipping and flying all over the place. The last thing you want to do is waste the makeup you just bought. Simply use the pick end to remove the makeup onto the screen and base that comes with the kit. They fit perfectly together and allow for plenty of room to grind your makeup to a fine powder. The grinding tool is used to press the makeup through the screen and can be moved in a circular motion. The brush supplied with the kit can help you get every last bit through the screen.

Grind broken eyeshadow

Choose a Pan Size

Before we can repress your makeup, we need to decide what pan size we want to make. The FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit comes with 3 pan sizes and a total of 9 makeup pans (3 of each size). The pans are a little deeper than typical pans so they will hold a lot of pressed powder, but you can use multiple if you have extra powder so use your best guess on size. You can easily redo the process quickly if you don’t like the size you chose so don’t worry about being perfect. Once you choose the size pan you want, just drop it into the press holes that match the pan size you picked.

broken eyeshadow

Pour & Spray
Now that your makeup is ground to a fine powder, remove the top section (screen) and then pour the loose powder using the brush or scraper tool into the press holes that has your makeup pan in it. You will fill the powder up to the fill line that is seen inside the press holes. You can use the scraper tool to help level off the makeup before pressing it. Keep in mind that loose powder will be about 2 times the volume of what it presses down to. Next, press the FIXY Binder on the powder per the instructions on the binder, which ranges from 2-6 sprays depending on what size pan you chose. You want it to be damp, not wet.

Spray with FIXY binder


Press & Use Immediately
The last simple step is to take the top press and line it up with the press holes and press firmly for 10 seconds. The best part of this process is that you can lift just the press top to see if you like how it is pressed. If it doesn’t look perfect, just give it another press. If it all looks good, lift the press holes and put your newly pressed makeup into the magnetic makeup palette that comes with the kit. The best part is that you can use your newly pressed eyeshadow immediately. There is no waiting for it to dry and the color will not change at all. 
press broken eyeshadow


My Eyeshadow is Fixed, Now What
There are countless uses for the FIXY Makeup Creation & Repair Kit so it doesn’t stop at just fixing makeup. You can take colors you aren’t using and blend them to create a new color. It’s as simple as putting the multi-colors on the screen before grinding them to a fine powder. You can even use the brush to mix them up even more after the makeup grinds through the screen. Not only can you blend colors, but you can use the FIXY kit to depot your makeup to have everything you need all in one magnetic makeup palette. Another great use of FIXY is repressing all the makeup that is around the edges when you hit the bottom of a pan. Stop wasting your money and get every bit of makeup you paid for! You can also get creative with the kit, such as making a rainbow eyeshadow or add glitter on top of the loose powder before you press it. Follow us at @FIXYMakeup to see all the creative ideas out there.

fixed eyeshadow

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