FIXY Cosmetic Glitter Binder (1 oz)


Want to know the easiest, cleanest, and cheapest way to have pressed glitter, while showing your love for the environment? The FIXY Glitter Binder allows you to press any biodegradable loose cosmetic glitter so you can take it on the go with easy application. You can quickly bind your favorite biodegradable glitter into a makeup pan, giving you enough glitter for multiple applications. This means no more making a mess every time you want to apply your loose glitter! Each bottle has 1.0 fl oz. 

Use with: Biodegradable glitter only
1.0 fl oz. glitter binder, pressing cloth and small spoon
Ingredients: Water, natural moisturizer, and a safe preservative (eliminating mold or pan rust from occurring)
Drying time: Dry overnight for best results
Storage: Keep pressed bio glitter in a dry, secure location
Instructions: Scan the QR code on the bottle or visit How to use the FIXY Biodegradable Glitter Binder

Note: There is way less mess if you use the 2 pressing parts from the FIXY Makeup Repair Kit. Glitter adhesive is not required to apply the pressed glitter, but could be helpful if you have oily eyes or if you are in a humid climate. See pressed glitter videos and more on the FIXY Youtube channel.




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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Janette S.
Best Glitter Binder!!!

Loveeee this!!! I hated carrying all my
Glitters it was such a mess! With this binder I'm able to add all of them into a palette and use it for efficiently as well! Thank you fixy! You killed this one!

Matthew K.

No mess!

Dan T.

A product that the industry has been missing!!!!!

Manana S.
Such a great add on to my kit!

Love this! Great to press my glitters for no spills and mess!