Can I fix my broken makeup?

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Over 3 years ago, I dropped my favorite Mac eyeshadow on the bathroom floor. I just bought it! It was expensive and I just want to fix my broken makeup.

I hadn’t realized it, but this was the day my business concept was born. I went online and started searching ways to fix broken makeup. What I didn’t realize was that countless other women were dealing with this same issue. I read blogs and I studied videos to fix cracked makeup. Then I searched for any products that would repair makeup back to new, but that search came back empty. I had to figure out the best way to fix my makeup.

“What are you doing! ” my husband exclaimed. He had been out for the day running errands and came home to a huge mess in the kitchen. My mission had started and I was testing all kinds of way to fix my makeup. At first, he didn’t get it. “Why do you care to fix your makeup?” Why go through all the trouble? ” he said. I told him that makeup is expensive and it’s so frustrating when you drop it because you can’t just go and apply chunks of makeup to your skin. I knew there had to be a way to fix it.

From this point, I continued to test all different concepts I’d seen online and new concepts I had come up with. Over time, I’d figured out the best way to do fix my makeup and was pretty good at fixing it, but it was usually a huge mess and an annoying process. I told my husband, I wanted to create a kit to fix makeup. There has to be a better solution for frustrated makeup users. I needed to figure it out! My husband wasn’t 100% on board, but then he started researching how many makeup artists and every day makeup users deal with this issue.

“Jill, I really think you are on to something.” What are you hoping from all of this?” I told him I wanted to create a product to fix makeup that women would love. Something that would be quick and easy and not a huge mess. I wanted to figure it out because I was passionate about my concept.

My husband said, “What if we could design an all-in-one product instead of a kit and does everything you want to solve?” This was the start of us working together as a team. From here we tested together, we went to makeup industry conferences, we started working with industrial designs, we interview makeup artist and users, we studied, we studied, we studied. We studied everything involved in starting a business and use our blended talents to push forward.

This was the beginning of our journey. We will create the fix for broken makeup.

Jill Rossini; Co-Founder

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