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Fall Makeup Looks for 2022

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Fall is just around the corner. So, it’s time to bid adieu to the sunny days and balmy nights of summer. Even if you’re not yet ready to let go of lazy, long days on the beach and other summer delights, fall signals cozy sweater weather, fuzzy socks, pumpkin spice, and steaming cups of cocoa.

This year, fall makeup isn’t restricted to the usual autumn trends. Instead, it’s a reiteration of summer makeup looks. This is good news for us makeup junkies since it means we can continue playing around with our summer makeup in memory of the glorious 2022 summer that was.

Ready to find out what’s in store for this year’s fall makeup? Let’s dive in.

1. Bright Blue Eyes

Go beyond pastel blue shades like baby blue and make a bright blue statement with some bright blue cream eyeshadow. Retro hues like teal, Malibu Blue, and electric blue are totally in. So, feel free to experiment with bold shades like these.

If you want diffused edges around the eyes, blend your eyeshadow with a small makeup brush. This will give you a soft, playful look that looks classy and stylish.

2. Black Graphic Eyeliner With Pops of Color

Continuing the summer 2022 makeup trend, black graphic liner and color pops will still make an appearance this fall. Use black pencil eyeliner to create a winged eye and highlight the look with bright accents.

Neon hues are great to accentuate the sharpness of the lines. But you can also go for layered cat eyes with hot pink eyelids for an extra bold fashion statement.

3. Fluttery Lashes

Fluttery eyelashes are absolutely in vogue right now. While mascara and liner are great, falsies can amp up your eye game and make your eyes appear more dramatic.

4. Burnt Blush

Burnt blush is another hot makeup trend for fall 2022 that is a remnant of the summer runway looks. While the summer look gravitated toward sunburnt blush that looked as though you didn’t apply enough SPF before stepping out, burnt blush focuses more on the shade itself. It is less about fresh fruits and flowers and more about the changing colors of fall leaves.

Switch out rose, tangerine, and grape hues for cream blush in brick, terracotta, and peachy shades. Once you have the color of your choice, apply them to the apples of your cheeks. 

You can also add warmth and color to your complexion by blending the color under your eyes and across the bridge of your nose. Finish it off by swiping a little blush on your eyelids to ace this makeup look.

5. Red Lips

Powdery-yet-bright red lips look stunning on diverse skin tones. You can pair a red lip color with pastel makeup and smokey eyes for a bold, dramatic look. It will also help you slay those outdated beauty rules that say you have to choose either a smokey eye or a red lip, allowing you to change things up in style.

Fall Makeup 2022: Bold, Fun, and Sassy

Fall 2022’s makeup looks are all about having fun while owning your style. Follow these makeup trends or mix and match them as you please and experiment away.

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