Fixing Broken Makeup Isn't So Simple

Posted by Jill Rossini on

When I first started testing my own theories to determine the best way to fix broken makeup, I had no idea how much I’d iterate over time. I’ve spent countless hours testing different concepts, working with different industrial designs, working with 3D prints and getting feedback from testers. When you break down the process it seems pretty simple, but taking the process of repairing broken makeup into an actual product that is intuitive, sleek, affordable and effective is quite a daunting task. I want this product to surpass any other solutions on the web. I want users of my product to feel happy after using it. I want them to be intrigued by the packaging. I want them to be excited to try it. I want the process to be easily translated into the design so it doesn’t feel like a puzzle. I want makeup lovers to be drawn in by the design. I want the makeup repair kit to be fun to do so that it’s shared with others. I want it to work great and not cost too much.

So how do I connect the dots? Design a product that people love!

Investing my time and money into something I believe in definitely brings it’s stresses, but I’m determined to make this happen.

Jill Rossini; Co-Founder

Learn more about FIXY and Jill Rossini founder and creator of the first Makeup Repair Kit.

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