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How to Take Care of Your Skin in Your 20's

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When you’re in your twenties, your skin is in its prime! By this point, any acne has most likely calmed down, wrinkles haven’t set in just yet, and your complexion is hopefully at its healthiest, most radiant stage. Therefore, you’ve GOT to be sure that you’re taking the best of care of it at this very moment! 

Doing a full-fledged skin routine every morning and night may sound like a big ‘to-do,’ but when you’re eventually mistaken for your 20’s when you’re actually in your 30’s, it will all have been worth it! Trust me.

While skin care can be expensive, there’s a manageable and inexpensive routine to help make your skin look flawless day in and day out:


The key here is to choose something that will cleanse deeply, but gently at the same time. Some cleansers can actually strip your face of its essential oils, drying out and irritating your precious complexion. Be sure to use warm tepid water rather than hot to wash your face each morning and night. This also reduces the risk of drying out your skin. Get your skin type confirmed by an esthetician or skin specialist and buy products based on what your own skin needs. 


After washing your face, apply a small amount of toner to a cotton ball and wipe your face with it. You will probably see a little bit of dirt left on the cotton wool, as well as makeup residue. That’s all the gunk that your face wash missed! Even the most careful of face washers can still have remnants of dirt and grime leftover, which is why toner is the perfect product to make that final sweep for a leave-no-trace beautiful face. . As mentioned with cleansers, get a toner that is most effective for your skin type.


Aside from cleansing, moisturizing is one of the most important things you can do to help your skin look its best. Especially if you are living in a dry climate. Dry skin leads to fine lines and wrinkles and also causes the skin to lose its firm, bouncy elasticity that many women pine for. To help restore moisture, use a moisturizer once again suited for your skin type. You’re catching on!


Sunblock is your best friend in the fight against wrinkles. Regardless of sunny weather or cloud coverage, apply rain or shine because UV rays can penetrate the skin even when it’s overcast!  Protecting your skin from harmful rays is key to beautiful, youthful skin. Also when you are on holidays, try not to get burned when out in the sun. So suit up and lather up, and don’t hesitate to opt for an oversized sun hat, swim shirt, or umbrella.


Once or twice a week, throw an exfoliating cleanser into the mix to slough away dry skin and dirt. You want to be sure not to exfoliate every day, as that can cause irritation and rough patches.


The skin under your eyes is so thin that it’s easily susceptible to damage and fine lines. Wear sunglasses to prevent squint-induced lines.

Read more skin care tips at our makeup repair kit blog.

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