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10 Tips For Saving Big Money at Sephora

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Ah, Sephora. The store with an irresistible magnetic pull. We can’t even remotely help being drawn in by the allure of product lines and gorgeous shades. It calls to us like a close friend, gently reminding us it’s been awhile since we pampered ourselves. Whether in the physical store or shopping online, we are all drawn to it.

It’s beyond blissful to float through the store, gasping over the glittering highlight and matte foundations, but our bank accounts tell a more grim story. Before we know it, we have to start considering the unfathomable... cutting back. But not yet! We’ve looked around and found a few exciting ways you can save money.

Reward Level Up Ladies!
Hold the phone! Have you heard about their reward levels when you shop at this dreamy oasis? You can sign up for their free Beauty Insider program, which allows you to earn points (that never expire) on all your purchases, then turn the points into rewards. There are 3 reward tiers and the more you spend, the more you can redeem. Take a look at the Sephora Rewards Bazaar page to find out what products you can redeem with your points. Also, Sephora holds a VIB sale each year, which is a sale just for members of their Beauty Insider reward program. Beauty Insiders get 10% off, VIB members get 15% and ROUGE members get 20% off. This VIB sale varies from year to year, but it’s typically around April and also in September. Another perk of the Beauty Insider program is that you are also able to redeem a free birthday gift every year. Did you know that FIXY has a birthday deal too when you join their newsletter? “Oh, no you didn’t!”

Free Shipping For The Nation!
If you sign up for Sephora Flash Shipping, you get unlimited 1-2 shipping for one year for just $15. Ok, that’s a pretty damn good deal. Did you know that Sephora offers free 1-3 Day U.S. Shipping on all orders $50 and over? Of course FIXY offers free U.S. shipping on all orders $40 and over, but that’s just because we love you more, but we still love Sephora. Another cool perk that Sephora offers is Flash Shipping, which gets you unlimited 1-2 shipping for one year for just $15. Ok, that’s a pretty damn good deal. Sending love right back to you Sephora!

Sale and Offer Page? Let’s Do This!
Sephora’s Sale and Offer page is the jam! You can search offers by cost or by type of products. They also have a Beauty Offers section that includes everyday deals as well as a section on free samples. You really can’t go wrong with free samples, unless you break out in a rash, then that just kind of sucks. My advice when it comes to free samples is to take a minute to look at the product ingredients. Simple is always better. This is why the FIXY Makeup Repair Binder only has 2 (but incredibly) effective ingredients that won’t change the color of your makeup, dries immediately and won’t irritate your skin. Win, win, and win again!

Go Generic, It’s All The Rage!
Sephora does a great job of scooping up the best of new colors and trends and offering them at a great price with the Sephora Collection. I have noticed they often are not the exact formula but most do a good job for a fraction of the price. You can also do a quick google search (set to the last month or last year) and search for the best Sephora Collections to buy and you’ll see what everyone else is loving and what deals they currently have. Or if you have spare time, you can scan their site or mobile app….for days.

Return Policy? Ok Tell Me More.
Did you know you can return gently used makeup in good condition? As long as it’s within 60 days of purchase, you can get your money back on that disappointing expensive product. All returns of online orders are returned to the original method of payment. I once paid them with a firm handshake and I received the same in return. Ok, that might not be true, but you get the point. During the dreaded COVID time, Sephora is offering 30 day returns based on stores re-opening for purchases made on or after February 15th.

Start at The Edges and End Caps
When you’ve wandered into this paradise of beauty, one of the best ways to save is by starting at the walls. The makeup along the edges are typically the ones that are the most discounted. Likewise, products at the bottom shelves tend to be the least expensive. Also, clearance items can be found in the overlooked aisle end caps. In the days of COVID, I dream of the day when I can peruse the store aisles without a dreaded mask on. Curse you COVID and your wicked ways!

Sign Up For Sephora’s Newsletter. Do it!
If you sign up for Sephora’s weekly newsletter you’ll receive news about new product launches, limited-time promotions, and exclusive event invitations. They always share the latest and greatest and it’s an easy way to keep an eye on certain products you want when they go on sale. They are great about showing deals of all different categories so it’s as fun as speed dating (if there was a filter for handsome and reputable guys). Do it! Do it!

No Annual Fee Sephora Credit Card
We’re not one to tell anyone to take on potential debt, but Sephora offers two credit cards, which are the Sephora credit card and the Sephora Visa credit card and they offer a plethora of benefits. Just make sure you only buy what you can afford and you always pay your bills on time! Back to our story. So both credit cards allow you to get 15% off on your first Sephora purchase and then 4% back on every $1 spent at Sephora U.S. stores. Not too shabby Sephora, not too shabby.

Shop Sephora Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
We all know the ultimate time to stock up is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but seriously, let’s start putting savings aside early for these deals! During these two holidays, you’ll be able to find endless deals on so many different brands. You’ll even see sales up to 50% off on products. Say what? Yeah, what I just said. Epic sales means epic deals.

Don’t Replace Damaged Makeup!
First off, are you heading to the store to simply replace your damaged makeup? Hold it right there ladies! The best way to save money is to fix broken makeup rather than replace it. With the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit, not only will you be spending less money at the store, but you’ll be extending the life of your favorite products. Think twice next time before tossing out your crushed foundation. You’ll get dollars back in your pocket when you choose to fix broken makeup instead of buying more. But there’s more! Not only can you fix broken makeup, but you can blend unused colors to create a new look with the FIXY Kit. It’s so easy and so much fun. Yet another way to save (insert your own happy dance here).

Now What?
When you use these hacks, you can shop confidently with your bank account in mind! Still wondering how to save more with fixing your makeup instead of replacing it? This video shows it can be done in under three minutes! 

Want to learn more great tips and tricks to extend your makeup? If so you will love this video on 6 Genius Hacks to Make Your Makeup Products Last FOREVER!

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