2022 Holiday Indie Beauty Gift Guide

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FIXY Makeup loves supporting other indie beauty brands so we have compiled some of the most inspirational and ethical indie beauty brands we could find to create our own 2022 Holiday Indie Beauty Gift Guide. Our customers care deeply about the products they use on their skin, the ingredients used in them, and the indie beauty brand’s approach to creating ethical products and practices. We found inspiration from these 5 brands and we think you will too.

Skin Flo

Kenye, the CEO and founder of Skin Flo, is a mother of 2 who noted how her skin changes and emotional changes really impacted her after the birth of her 2nd child. This is how the idea for her business was born. She wanted safe products during and after pregnancy, so she did research on safe ingredients and then spent time learning just how to formulate a quality product, and therefore was finally able to solve her skin issues.

Kenye started Skin Flo to help other moms get products that are safe for their bodies, before and after having a baby. They use ethically resourced ingredients in bath, body and aromatherapy. We love and agree with their philosophy that fewer ingredients are better. Their plant derived ingredients are designed to provide you with healthier, glowing skin. We also love that they have a list of ingredients that they absolutely pledged to never use. They have a quiz on their website to help you determine your personalized self-care ritual. For all the moms out there, SkinFlo is a piece of the puzzle that we’ve been missing all these years.

Delali Cosmetics

Delali Robinson is one of the most badass, international-certified beauty professionals and licensed cosmetologists out there. She has more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. During her younger years growing up in Germany, she noted that there were no salons that catered to black women. That's when she started providing services to these women and went on to get her cosmetology license. After moving to the US, she opened a Salon & Day Spa. During this time she noticed that clients with darker skin tones struggled to find the right match for their complexion.

In 2016, she founded Delali Cosmetics, to create cosmetics that complement every skin tone. She educates her clients and how to have healthy skin and hair and she even speaks 4 languages! Her brand carries a wide range of shades in liquid, cream, and powder form. They also carry liquefied matte lipstick. They are an inclusive makeup brand that celebrates the beauty of women of color. Their products are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. One great thing about the website is that they have a quiz to help you find the perfect match. If this is what you've been looking for you need to check them out now!

Jamie Makeup


The Jaime Makeup brand was created by the amazing celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg. Her makeup line is small, but throws a huge punch. She has created the most versatile blush I have ever used. The  BLIGHLIGHTER is a blush meets highlighter. It's a magic combination that makes not only your cheeks glow, but your eyelids too. In addition, she sells her signature BLOSS a super yummy gloss that has the most adorable packaging. 

Don't forget to follow her on IG @jamiemakeup for incredible tips, tricks, and product reviews.

Butter and Me

Butter and Me has a strong commitment to clean beauty and believe that everyone should have access to using skincare products with simple ingredients that are effective and efficient in giving you the result of beautiful and healthy skin. Their products are handmade in the USA, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains. We love that they are another Colorado-based company and we would love to meet them someday!

Butter and Me utilizes clean ingredients and their business is plastic free. They also believe in the philosophy that less is more. Their skin care products are plant-based with no more than 5 core ingredients. They focus on zero waste packaging by using 100% recyclable or biodegradable packaging and 100% post consumer recycled shipping materials. Their skin care products are travel friendly and free from harmful chemicals. You can't beat that!

Mellow Cosmetics

Mellow Cosmetics love all things beauty. They provide high-quality and easy to use essentials to all the makeup lovers out there. They believe strongly in making every woman feel more confident in themselves. Their product line of beauty products span everything you need for lips, face, eyes and brows. 

Ima is the inspirational founder of Mellow Cosmetics. In 2014, she switched from her full-time job to become a full-time business owner and mother to her child. We know the complexities this brings. She saw a gap in the industry for super fun, easy-to-use and affordable, quality beauty products. She now has 72 products sold globally which is amazing. She loves connecting with people and can be found on Instagram @ima_rose_a. She strongly believes that makeup helps every woman feel beautiful, powerful and sexy and that it can give you instant confidence. So take some time out of your day to learn more about this wonderful vegan beauty brand.


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