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We have compiled some amazing Halloween makeup looks for 2022 and they are mind-blowing. These makeup artist's ability to construct a look that is so stunning and life-like is unbelievable. We are mesmerized and we think you will be as well. From the use of shading to integrating loose glitter makeup to bloody scenes and scary animals, these looks will keep you staring. FIXY Makeup just can't get enough! Don't be afraid and check out our top 5 Halloween looks for 2022.

Here is some Halloween makeup inspiration for you.

Halloween Look #1

Halloween makeup 2022


The shading in this look is just stunning. It almost looks like it could be a filter. The eyelashes work so well with the hair style. The use of pearls throughout is gorgeous too. I can't image how long this took to do and I wish she had some of our Loving Red bio glitter for her lips!

Halloween Look #2

Halloween makeup 2022
This look is Hocus Pocus 2. I expect to see a ton of Winfrey this season. Yes, she really knows how to create eyes on top of her eyes. I just can't comprehend how this is accomplished. It's just amazing how large the eyelids are in comparison to her forehead. All of her makeup looks are a play on an exaggeration of form and figure. You need to check her out.

Halloween Look #3

Halloween makeup 2022
MUA Jenn Seren out of the UK brings this jeweled spider web to life. Her cut crease eye seems to blend perfectly with the web making this a truly updated look. The perfection in the lines is breathtaking. We just love this Halloween makeup look.

Halloween Look #4

Halloween makeup 2022
This owl is both stunning and frightening at the same time. It really catchy your eye and it caught our attention. Here's a quote about the look: "I got inspired by the taxidermy owl that I found on a secondhand market earlier this year, and decided to challenge myself." artyfaceart. The challenge was accepted for sure. Wow, unbelievable work!

Halloween Look #5

Halloween makeup 2022
Morgan literally does Halloween looks year-round so it's no wonder that she really nailed this satanic witch. The blood looks wet and her eye makeup is just stunning. It's scary as hell. I hope she has the opportunity to scare the crap out of some kids this Halloween because she nailed it! We can't wait to see what she does next. FIXY Makeup will keep following all these amazing makeup artists! We are so inspired. 
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