5 Brilliant Ways To Take a Great Looking Selfie

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Let’s face it, we live in a world obsessed with selfies. Thanks to the likes of Kim Kardashian (the original selfie queen) and the thousands of aspiring models, actors or people who just REALLY love themselves, we are all on a quest for the perfect selfie.

So what exactly does it take for you to get your selfie perfect 100% of the time?

Don’t pretend you are better than the rest of us and don’t take selfies. You probably have about 50 on your phone, but just haven’t shared them. Gotcha!

1) Lighting

The most important contributor to a great selfie is the lighting. The lighting will determine the quality of the image and how sharp and flawless you look. There are two types of fail-proof lighting. Natural light and warm candle lighting (candlelight lets out a warm glow that sort of acts like a filter on the face). So next time you’re ready to snap your selfie make sure that you’re facing a window or any other source of natural light. It is also important that the light is going in the direction of your face.

2) Angles

That’s right, we all have an angle that works for us, whether you are snapping the selfie from above or below. The consensus seems to be that snapping your picture from an elevated angle with your phone pointing DOWN toward you is the most flattering angle for a selfie. So make sure you are either tilting your head at an angle or take the picture with the phone above you a la Kim Kardashian.

3) Lose Your Limbs

Want the perfect selfie (and an inconspicuous one at that?) Make sure you keep your arms as much out of the frame as you can. This ensures that the focal point of your selfie is your face and not your outstretched arms!

4) Take More Than One

Odds are you will be very unhappy with the first few snaps (unless you are perfect! Yay you!) So try taking a few shots at different angles and play with the lighting and your poses to find the perfect snap. The more photos you take the more options you have and we all like options don’t we?

5) The Filter is Your Friend

With apps like Facetune and VSCO (all downloadable for free) there are so many filters that help flatter your face. Don’t be ashamed to go for it and choose a filter that helps soften the skin and highlight your most beautiful features. This is your selfie after all! Play with the filters till you find the perfect one for each photo. Have fun and post away.

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