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Look to the Stars For Your New Makeup Routine
The stars are shooting down to Earth with astrology-themed makeup trends. More and more Instagrammers are sporting looks recommended to them through astrology. For centuries people have been looking to the stars for divine advice. If you want to catch onto this cool makeup trend, all you have to do is look up at the night sky. FixyMakeup can also teach you how to get these looks using the broken makeup sets with Fixy repair kits.

Born Under a Sign
The stars form celestial bodies and astrology looks upon their movements to determine their influence on daily people's lives and luck. Astrology-inspired makeup calls upon these celestial influences to give you the best-looking makeup in accordance with your astrological birth sign. A quick search online about your birthdate will reveal which celestial sign you are born under.

How to Boost Your Celestial Power With Astrological Makeup
Instagrammers who have hopped onto this makeup trend claim it has boosted their luck. If you want to cash in on this "power," here are some easy ways to do it.

Your sign will determine the lucky powers that will shine through in your makeup look. Research which colors should be the primary star of your look and place them on focal points such as above the eyes or on the lips. For example, if you are a Leo, you will want to incorporate shades of green and orange. A Pisces can't go wrong with light blues and purples.

Each sign represents a celestial body, which will determine the "movements" of your makeup. If you are a water sign, you will draw on flowing and wavy lines. If you are an earth sign, then add on sharp edges and lines to give your makeup a solid earth-like look.

A key feature of the astrology makeup trend is the use of white. Make sure to utilize white to its maximum potential so that it shines as bright as the night stars. You might want to add a few white dots on the edges of your eyes, a small one on your cheek bone, or even one on your forehead. Don't go overboard, as you don't want the white to overpower your sign's lucky colors. The white should compliment and support the lucky colors, not outshine them.

@hothredead_designs Scorpio Makeup 

Cancer Makeup
@khaila_nicole_makeup Cancer Look

Capricorn Makeup
@starlit_makeup Capricorn Makeup

Power In Placement
You might be wondering where to place key features and colors of your sign's recommended colors. Each astrological sign is associated with a part of the face and can find power if placed in the correct spot. Research which part of the face is strongly tied to your sign. A great example is the sensual Taurus painting their lips brown, or a strong Aries adding a tint of red to their sharp eyebrows.
You can create inspiring astrology-inspired looks using the broken makeup you have right at home. FixyMakeup teaches you how to fix broken makeup sets and gives you the tools you need to fix them.

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