Chanel Mascara Tutorial 101

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Mascara can transform the look of an eye: be it a cat eye, a mod look, or soft and natural. Rather than investing in falsies, extensions, or Latisse, give these tips a try to see if you can transform your own set of lashes with a wand in the palm of your very own hand. Time to lash out to your flash out for a fun selfie after following these few basic steps:

There is an assortment out there, from lengthening to strengthening to volumizing. Look for a mascara that has all three. My personal 3-in-1 favorite is Chanel’s, Le Volumen Mascara. Having used Chanel mascara for over 10+ years, I’m certain its moisture-locked formula has conditioned my lashes in such a way that they’ve grown longer and gotten thicker over time! Although a wee bit pricey (roughly $30/bottle), it removes easily with face wash, eliminating the need to purchase eye makeup remover. So it might just end up saving you some cash.

Start applying your mascara in a downward fanning motion from above the lashes first, especially for those with lighter or thinner lashes. Then immediately start applying in the customary fashion. It helps to blink frequently as you move the wand upward and outward. It’s ok to get messy with it, just wait to remove the smudges until fully dried, so it’s easy to peel off, and doesn’t spoil your eye shadow. Apply to top lashes only if you have a cat eye, wanting a more natural/classic look, or wearing a bold lip color. Otherwise use the wand perpendicular to apply the mascara downward on the bottom lashes, separating and adding length as you go.

  •  Avoid clumpy and flaky lashes by doing a light coat first, and then applying a second or third once it’s already dried. This not only lengthens the lashes, it keeps them natural looking
  • Prime your lashes beforehand with a curling wand to create a more feminine and flirty look
  • When your mascara starts drying out, add 8-10 drops saline solution to have it become good as new
  • Put eyeliner inside your upper lid to make lashes appear thicker and fuller
It’s fun to change up the color of your mascara and can serve to complement the color of your eyes. For blue eyes, go for a maroon or purplish-brown. For green eyes, try a solid purple color. For brown eyes, experiment with a bronze, and for hazel eyes try navy. Regardless of eye color, change it up! Bronze with blue or blue with brown is fun too. Don’t be afraid to be bold. And if you only want to be half-bold, use colored mascara as a top coat only, or apply to the lower lashes alone.

We hope these tips give your eyes something to ‘lash’ about!

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