How to Best Shape Your Eyebrows to suit your face shape

How to Best Shape Your Eyebrows to suit your face shape

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Let’s face it ladies, eyebrows are imported. Good eyebrows are very on-trend right now, with everyone from the Kardashians to Kate Middleton. Sporting a perfectly tweezed, beautifully filled in brow is what’s new and what’s hot.

Eyebrows can make a huge difference to the overall look of a face, therefore it’s important to learn how to properly shape them ourselves. When you’re on vacation and without an aesthetician, you can trust, who else are you going to rely on? And unfortunately, eyebrows take forever maintenance.

The trick is to aim to find the natural shape and appearance of your eyebrows and enhance them ever so slightly. Over-tweezing or under tweezing can lead to your eyebrows being too thin or too bushy; both of which look dated and detract from your eye shape rather than enhance it..

The most important thing to know in order to achieve the perfect brow is what brow shape suits your face. Every brow shape suits a different face structure, so knowing whether you need a high arch…low arch…rounded or pointed brow falls down to what shape of eyebrow your face suits.

An Oval Face
A soft angled arch that goes up and then gently curves round at the arch is best suited to an oval face.

A Round Face
A high arch on an eyebrow will lengthen a round face, making it appear less round.

A Long Face
A flat eyebrow will make a long face look shorter.

A Square Face
A square jaw can be matched with a strong eyebrow with a defined, sharp peak, or can be softened with a curved brow.

A Heart-Shaped Face
A rounded arch is best suited to a heart-shaped face. This creates the overall heart shape, with the brows as the top of the heart and the chin as the bottom of the heart.

A Diamond-Shaped Face
A curved brow softens a diamond-shaped face and makes it look more narrow.

There are, however, some universal tips to creating the perfect brow:

  1. Use an eyebrow pencil to draw different shapes over your brow to find which shape suits you best. Do this on a day where you have ample time to practice before going out!
  2. Use a magnifying mirror. The more magnified the better! It’s important to be able to see each individual hair so you can spot which ones are out of place.
  3. The front of your eyebrow should never be lower than the back of the eyebrow unless you want to look like you are constantly frowning. A furrowed brow is never favored.
  4. Do not over-tweeze your brows into a thin line! This will not make your eyes look bigger and it will not make you look younger. It will, however, make you look startled, and can be quite difficult to correct. Equally as unappealing as a furrowed brow.
  5. Eyebrow stencils can be a great help for beginners. There are lots of different shapes to choose from and can help when deciding what shape best suits you. We recommend a stencil kit from Anastasia! The brow experts of all experts.

Read more at our FIXY makeup repair kit blog.

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