How Do You Fix Broken Eyeshadow Back to New?

Posted by Brian Landes on

If you've ever dropped an eyeshadow, cracked a blush, or damaged other assorted powder makeup products, you know they are usually rendered unusable at that point. However, the FIXY Makeup Repair Kit is the ultimate hack that allows you to fix busted eyeshadows and beyond.

Technically, it's not a hack. Rather, it's a device that helps you "Humpty Dumpty" your crushed, crumpled, clumped, and chunky powder product and return it to a smooth, soft, easy-to-apply, and flat finish. You literally put it back together again. The brilliant and easy Fixy is also neater and cleaner than trying to DIY it.
The user-friendly kit takes all of three minutes to re-assemble a cracked compact or pan of product. It's affordable at $48 and can be used for coverup and bronzers, too! The multi-piece kit is refillable and self-contained, so it's easy to store. It's your makeup BFF — taking powder products from pulverized to pressed.

I put the Fixy, which comes in a millennial pink shade, to the test. I must admit that I was a tad skeptical at first. It seemed like a lot of steps and tools. I thought, "Is this really worth it? Wouldn't it be easier to toss the broke ass makeup and buy another? Then I remembered how maddening it is when you drop a pricey product that still had plenty of uses remaining. Once I got the hang of it, the Fixy was actually... fun. I wanted to smash a shadow simply so I could put it back together again. I felt like a faux scientist — and I liked it...Continue Reading

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