2022 Winter Makeup Trends to Watch

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Now that winter is fast approaching, makeup experts are leaning towards trends that are very festive and bold. Celebrity makeup artist Melissa Hurkman predicts that the makeup trends for this season will be inspired by the ‘90s and Y2K trends that have been making a comeback. As such, many celebrities and influencers have been spotted donning graphic and eye-catching makeup. These trends are fitting, considering that the season involves the year’s much-awaited holidays. So, if you want to celebrate the winter season with a big bang, take a cue from these upcoming makeup trends:

Metallic Eyeshadow
Credit: @makeupvincent
Winter Makeup Trends
The metallic eyeshadow trend is perfect for this season’s festivities. The best part about this trend is that you have the freedom to choose which eyeshadow color and what kind of eyeshadow technique you want to use! You can even opt to make your own metallic eyeshadow by blending your unused ones. All you need to do is scrape the powder of all your old eyeshadows and even your old highlighters. Then, you can blend them together using our FIXY kit to create a new shimmery eyeshadow. You can opt to sweep all over your eyelids or even use it to accentuate your cat eyeliner.

Strong Brows
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Winter Makeup Trends
Bold eyebrows have been a makeup trend for a long time—and will remain iconic this season. Celebrity makeup artist Christy Coleman stated that bold eyebrows have become even more important during this year because of its makeup trends. This is why Coleman emphasized that the eyebrows must be able to frame the face and create a polished look. To achieve this, use a tinted brow gel with cellulose fibers so that you can make your brows look fuller. Then, frame and enhance your face by applying the product in short and upward strokes. This application process allows you to create defined and polished brows. The fullness also gives you a more youthful look. Another trend to try is the fluffy brow. This is more natural and less structured. 

Burgundy Lips
Credit: @lizzobeeating
Winter Makeup Trends
Burgundy lips have become a winter trend this year because of their show-stopping color. Makeup artist Nick Barose stated that burgundy lipsticks have many layers and depth, which is why you need to bring out these tones to create a sexy and mysterious look. To achieve this, Barose uses a cherry red lip liner to outline the lips. Then, he uses a deep burgundy lipstick to cover the entire lip area with the base color. Finally, he applies a bit of a glossy or creamy lip product to add dimension and depth to the look. Read the details and get more burgundy lip inspiration here.

Jeweled Makeup
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Winter Makeup Trends
As if metallic eyeshadows, strong brows, and burgundy lips aren’t enough, face jewels or diamonds are also one of the emerging trends this winter season. Celebrities on the 2021 Met Gala red carpet and models in New York Fashion Week S/S 2022 were seen with diamonds all over their faces. These embellishments add more dimensions to your look by drawing one’s attention towards specific areas of the face. As an example, American Actress Julia Garner added silver rhinestones to the corners of her eyes to accentuate her light and shimmery eyeshadows. Another example is when poet and activist Amanda Gorman bedazzled her forehead area with sparkling jewels to complement her monochromatic makeup look. To do this, all you need are some adhesive rhinestones, and you're free to position them anywhere on your face. Try to highlight your base makeup with them!

This year's winter makeup trends are definitely all about bold, eye-catching makeup looks. Show your festive spirit for this season's celebrations by putting on metallic eyeshadows, creating bold brows, wearing burgundy lipstick, or bedazzling your look.

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