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You Can Find The Right Red Lipstick

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No matter what hair color, skin type, or fashion sense, the right red lipstick is a must-have beauty product for every girl. You can guarantee there is a shade of red out there that will suit every complexion and every outfit. It can be worn during the day or night, all depending on the right technique and how you are accentuating other features. Regardless of how you apply it, it’s bound to make you feel a little bit more glamorous...and who doesn’t want that?!

Now onto the next matter of business, finding that perfect shade. The secret is the undertones in your skin. Fair skin, olive skin, and deep skin all need a different shade to pull off the perfect red lip. So with that in mind, we wanted to put a list together which provides the perfect shade to match the ever so perfect you!

Fair Skin

If you have fair skin, you likely have pink undertones. Pick a lipstick with a pink or blue base to compliment your complexion.

Light Skin

Very light skin tends to have yellow undertones, so pick a red lipstick with orange hues that will pick up the natural yellow pigment in your skin to give you a golden complexion.

Medium Skin

Medium skin can generally pull off a multitude of reds, from orange based to blue-based, depending on your makeup. You can really afford to mix it up as several different shades of red will suit you. Lucky!

Olive Skin

A bronze undertone looks best when matched with other earthy tones on the lips. A brick red or rusty like red will compliment your skin best.

Caramel Skin

For caramel skin with a warm, golden/yellow undertone, a cherry red is your best bet. It will complement the warmth in your skin and even brighten your smile.

Dark Skin

As with medium skin, darker complexions can really get away with most shades of red. From bright red, blue based red to plum – most reds will look fabulous on you!

Deep Skin

Again, most reds will suit you if you have deeper skin. An orange-based or blue-based red will most likely be your go-to shades, but you can afford to play around with various reds.

Other Considerations

Aside from skin tone, keep in mind the event for which you’re wearing it, the clothing you intend to match, or the amount of eyeshadow you are choosing to apply. With deeper and darker reds, it is always best to apply eyeshadow after your lipstick to get a good sense of what is enough. The general rule of thumb is a lighter and more polished eye, perhaps one with a tinge of highlighter on the brow bone, a shimmer on the lid, no eyeliner, and a light touch of a mascara added to a curled lash.

For lighter shades of red, it is safer to add liberal color to the eyes and cheeks. You can pair it more with a cat eye let’s say, or even a more drawn on the brow. The lighter the shade, the more flexibility you have in dressing up the eyes. But remember, red lips always speak for themselves, so let them be the star! Now let's fix your broken makeup you have some extra cash to buy new red lipstick.

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