Great Hats for You This Winter

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Winter is the season which brings a lot of contemporary styles along. You can experiment with different looks and try on various styles. Hats are THE most important winter accessory.

They are not only necessary to help keep your head and ears warm but also can be used as a major fashion statement. Functional and do we combine the two?. There are various kinds of hats available out there. There are different designs and patterns that can look very chic and help to style your statement. From fuzzy Kangol hats (which are actually back in style!) to pom-pom wool style hats to slouchy beanies there’s- needless to say- something out there for everyone!However, you must know which hat types are best for you and which will compliment your foxy face and frame most optimally.  Here are some of the trendiest hat styles this year:

1. Knitted Beanies:

Beanies are great add-on accessories to your style and wardrobe for the winter/ fall seasons. They are warm yet look effortless and chic. You can pull off the “I woke up this way” look with adorable charm. This year, knitted beanies are the newest style on the runway. Funky printed and patterned knitted beanies are not only warm and save you from the chilly weather but also look great with casual clothing. There are many different color and pattern options available for you. You can go for a beanie with writing or some pattern or even a logo.

2. Felted Fedoras:
Who says Fedoras are for men only? You can confidently get away with flaunting a felted fedora if you want to and be considered the hottest boss around!  Available in different styles and colors, felted fedoras are absolutely a great addition to your formal, black-tie attire. Also, try a felted hat with a little ‘bend-and-snap’ if you will, or with a wave to the bill to create a softer, more flirty approach to the day or evening.

3. French Berets:
Bring out the sophistication and artistic vibe by pairing your clothes with a nice French beret this winter. Fluffy berets, velvet berets or even simply stated ones are great to keep your head warm and your style cracking.

4. Baseball Caps:
Baseball caps have been a rage this summer/spring and are not getting out of style anytime soon! You can go for a leather or satin baseball cap to add elegance and sport to your look. We love the added embellishments of sequins or a stud, it elevates the level of sophistication while simultaneously allowing you to pull off a more casual style. For instance, it goes great with a baggy tee, a boyfriend ripped jean, and a pair of Chuck Taylors. And there you have it! Now let's fix your broken makeup so you have some extra cash to buy them all.



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