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The Best 5 Foundations For Oily And Blemished Skin

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Oily and blemished skin can be very frustrating, and it often leads to applying way too much foundation in attempts to leave the house feeling even semi-confident. But why apply too much of the wrong kind of foundation, when you can find the perfect one to give your skin a clear, beautiful look?

From high-end solutions to drugstore bargains, here are 5 Amazing Foundations for oily and blemished skin:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation
This luxurious makeup brand launched the Magic Foundation earlier this year to huge success and acclaim; it leaves your skin looking and feeling brilliant. With medium, buildable coverage, you’re able to apply the perfect amount for your skin and with it’s weighted and dense texture, it will leave you confident without a single visible blemish left on your face. It will also help deal with any oil you have on your skin because of its thickness.

2. Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation
Probably the cheapest solution on the market, Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation is ideal for those who often use powder to touch up their makeup throughout the day to tame down the shine. It’s the ultimate bargain for effective coverage that will leave your skin looking as you desire: free from blemishes, oil, and shine. 

3. Dior Skin Forever Foundation
If you struggle with oily skin then Dior Skin Forever can be a lifesaver! With a satin finish, it’s not too shiny and subtly blends into the skin. The best part is its long-lasting durability. Like the name suggests, it easily makes it through the day and will give you the comfort in knowing you won’t have to touch it up all the time. Whether it’s winter or summer, this foundation will work all year round.

4. Clarins Ever Matte Oil-Free Foundation
Instantly effective, this foundation provides all-day protection against unwanted shiny skin. It combats oil effectively using a mix of Tanaka Powder, Carthusian Pink, and Chrysin. Perfectly balanced, both in ingredients and price, this foundation is not only easy to apply but also hydrating. Some oil-combatting foundations can really dry your skin out – but not this one!
5. No. 7 Beautifully Matte Foundation
Another budgetary option, No. 7 Beautiful Matte claims to last for up to a whopping 12 hours! Well, it’s true. The secret is its Salicylic Acid formula which minimizes open pores, the cause of oily and shiny skin. Easy to match to your skin tone and scientifically created to help make skin look beautiful, No.7 is a safe way to assure flawless looking skin.

Just remember these foundations are just a few to try. Truly great looking skin comes from the inside out. Foundation is a good temporary solution but try and figure out what in your diet or lifestyle might be triggering your breakouts. Once you do it will be “smooth” sailing.
Now let's fix your broken makeup so that you can buy some new foundation.

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