5 Tricks to Growing our your Bangs Gracefully

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The next time you are at the verge of tearing your hair out because of mixed lengths and styles – don’t. Grow them out gracefully. Take a look at these ideas and find one that works for you:

1) Instead of staying with the classic look, try to switch to a left or right angled position for your hair do create side bangs.You can try both positions to see which one looks better, and finish it off by positioning your hair downward from the crown of the head. This will keep your hair aligned and complete disguise mixed lengths and styles for a fashionable look.

2) Make sure you get your hair regularly trimmed – we suggest once every six weeks or so – to blend in with the rest of your hairstyle. Trimming is known to promote healthy hair and can add an eye-catching shine to your do.

3) Use a headband to keep your bangs under control while still looking gorgeous. These timeless accessories are available in all types of sizes and colors, and can add a classy twist to your outfit.

4) You can also get through the stage of growing out your bangs by using pins to keep hair out of your face. Try styling your hair at an angle, or keep them secure on one side of your head. The possibilities here are endless.

5) Another option you may want to try is rolling your bangs and tucking them along your hairline for a fun youthful look. You can also try braiding fringes to one side or create a swooping finish with a curling iron.


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