FIXY Makeup Indie Beauty Holiday Shopping Guide

Indie Beauty 2020 Holiday Shopping Guide

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Support These Indie Brands This Holiday Season!
Holiday shopping is never easy. You want to find unique gifts for those special people in your life and it’s even better when you are also able to support small indie brands at the same time. 2020 has been a challenging year for so many small businesses and these indie brands bust their butts every day to help bring a little more happiness into the world. A lot of them have taken a leap of faith and put all their savings plus taken out loans just to start their businesses and do everything they can to keep them afloat. We’ve created a list of some of the coolest indie brands we could find to support this 2020 holiday season. 

Natural Ingredients + Beautiful Smelling You!

Smell My Feet

Field Beauty offers two products that caught our eye for their focus on finding the best combination of natural ingredients in order to solve the most typical smelling situations you or your loved ones might get into. Their Field Smell My Feet spray takes the smell out of stinky feet. Whether you hate wearing socks with shoes or you have a brother that can’t get around to throwing out his old shoes, then this spray is the perfect solution. Spray on the feet and inside the soles of your shoes and presto, you and everyone around you can live a little better. Oh, but wait, you might also like the Field Smell My Pits botanical deodorant with a herbal and citrus blend to keep loved ones closer than your uncle that talks way too close to your face. You might not see him this year, but you know plenty of people that would love to try a new product from an indie brand that is always cruelty free and vegan.

Lip Smacking Gorgeous Gloss!


MareLuna has created high performance face and body skincare for hardworking women to indulge in their femininity. They are known for their extensive testing to make sure their products are loved by their customers. MaraLuna’s Long lasting Lip Gloss is one of those products that absolutely lives up to its name. This lip gloss really stays on all day and looks beautiful. So if you are looking for a flirty lip gloss for that someone special, this is a perfect gift. It contains a rich emollients base made with jojoba gels and is highly pigmented with glass pigments and natural micas.

A Pro Makeup Artist Dream Come True

Paw Palette

Paw Palette is known for their perfect solution to the Pro Makeup Artist frustration that needed to be solved. Creator Crystal Hamilton was frustrated that there was no solution for holding numerous colors on one hand so she could easily apply and mix makeup without having to turn back and forth. From there, her idea grew into the cute designed paw palettes that are worn around palm, wrist or arm. Our favorite is the 3D Luv Paw Palette, which is perfect for Easily mixing creams, gels and liquid cosmetics without the fear of gravity taking it’s toll. They offer both a regular strap that stays on and a magnetic strap that can work with any of the other paw palettes. If you have a makeup artist in the family, this is a must have.

Stick Everything You Got To These Palettes!

stick to it

Stick With It is another indie brand that solves one of life's biggest frustrations. Clutter! We love woman creators that aren’t afraid to work hard to make all of our lives easier. Monetta Plassmeyer noticed that whenever traveling, she didn’t feel like she had a cosmetic case that simplified the clutter to make it easier to quickly get to exactly what she needed. She did countless research and designing to develop the Stick With It Palettes. Their palettes are perfect for combining all your favorite makeup and anything else you want to stick onto a palette. If you know someone that would love a sleek designed palette that’s a perfect size for a purse, then look no further! 

Customizable Makeup Case You Can Sanitize!


MYO Cosmetic Cases is another small indie brand we love because of how sturdy and durable their makeup cases are. Another great option for organizing all your makeup, the MYO Cosmetic Cases are perfect for makeup artists and any makeup enthusiast that wants a magnetic case that can hold metal pans, pencils and even the magnetic MYO Makeup Pods, which are refillable transparent pods that hold numerous cosmetic products. If you know someone that loves durability and organization, then check out their website for more details. 

Handmade Soaps That Smell Amazing!

Rich Cleansing Bar
Blade & Bloom was born out of a desire to create 100% natural, plant-based products that do good while making you feel good. All their products are handmade in Chicago using high quality ingredients, packaged in recyclable / reusable containers and feature a minimal design. We love minimalism and we love natural soaps that are handmade. Do you know someone who loves their skin and wants only the best ingredients? We love their Rich Cleansing Bar that “smells like the secret ingredient in your boyfriend’s cologne.” The best part is that all of their soaps are made from scratch in small batches with love and care! You can’t beat that. 

Thank You For The Support
As a small indie brand, we know how much time, energy and money goes into creating something unique. We see our customers as family because they truly are supporting us in this crazy journey. We call our customers our FIXY Family. We support each other. We share our creations. We know that no one person is as strong as all of us. Thanks for checking out the indie brands above and if you have other indie brands you love, please share them with us so we can share them with others. 

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