Update Your Winter Clothing: A Man's Guide

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We are in the dead of winter but that doesn’t mean your closet has to take a hit. Now is the time to invest in key winter wardrobe pieces that will be sure to elevate your closet. Whether you need to dress it up for work, or keep it informal for your next date, update your winter wardrobe game with these hot garments:

A stylish men’s overcoat or winter jacket is essential in any stylish man’s wardrobe arsenal. Whether you opt for a classic peacoat or a rough-around-the-edges moto jacket; a good, warm, functional AND stylish jacket is a must in any closet.

Leather gloves are often overlooked, but they can help elevate any style from just OKAY to dapper and smart (and it keep you warm!). Opting for a functional black leather glove or perhaps a more classic brown glove lets people know you are serious about your style. And the ladies dig it!

The winter boot. You shovel snow in style! At least you should. And luckily the options are endless. From fur-lined to heavy-duty there is a style of boot for every man.
A classic scarf is a winter staple that isn’t limited to just winter, that’s a bonus! Scarves come in a range of colors, fabrics, and textures, so make sure you play around and buy a few different ones to go with any outfit. Keeping warm doesn’t have to put a cramp in your style.

Dressing for the elements is hard, especially when the elements involve snow, sleet, and water but there are small ways that you can keep your style integrity intact without having to splurge on an entirely new set of clothing.

Some other garments you can buy that will elevate your street style include beanies, hats and a suit made with warmer materials for the days you have to be in the office but don’t want to freeze on the way.

What other pieces do you think should have made the list?

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