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What are Vitamin Infusions or Vitamin IV’s?

Every so often there comes a beauty health fad that shakes up the industry. Often times there’s not much behind the fad, but other times there are legions of loyalist who swear by these new beauty breakthroughs. Insert Vitamin Infusions or Vitamin IV’s.

So what in the world is a Vitamin IV and does it involve needles (because what’s so awesome about needles, right)? Vitamin IV’s are just that, IV’s like those you find at the local hospital infused with a cocktail of vitamins and nutrients. Certain companies likeVitaSquad, based out of Miami, have different kinds of vitamin mixes for different purposes, from hangover treatment to weight loss to hydration for the body.

Celebs like Rihanna and Simon Cowell swear by the feel-good boosts of the Vitamin IVs, but studies on their effectiveness haven’t been done to conclude whether or not the benefits are long-term or even real.

So what are some of the benefits people report? Those who get the Vitamin IV’s say they immediately feel more energized, refreshed and awake. It’s instant results can be linked to the fact that IV drip bypasses the digestive system so that you get nutrients right into the bloodstream and the body instantly uses them. Those who take the beauty IV’s for glowing skin say they notice the change within 24-hours and it lasts for a few days after.

But what are some of the cons? The IV’s can be a bit painful and they can cause slight bruising at the sight of the needle placement. Also, allergic reactions could be possible. No matter what your opinion is, don’t forget that Vitamin IV’s haven’t undergone any major studies to measure effectiveness, side effects or long-term results.

Would you try a Vitamin IV?

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