How to use FIXY Makeup Repair Kit

6 Fun Ways to Use the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit

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When you love your makeup, you take care of it because it brings more beauty into your life and allows you to feel like your best self. We all want to feel comfortable in our own skin and makeup unlocks countless options for expressing who we really are. When designing the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit we wanted all of our makeup enthusiasts to have a kit that not only repairs their broken makeup, but gives them multiple uses with the FIXY kit providing much more value to both the user and our planet. 

In thinking of designing a makeup kit that our fans have been calling the one makeup tool that everyone should own, we covered theses uses:

  1. Fix broken eyeshadow, blush or bronzer, and pressed powders
  2. Depot your favorite powders from various pallets and combine them into the FIXY small or large magnetic palette
  3. Blend your makeup to create a brand new makeup color
  4. Remove hard to reach makeup around the corners of your makeup pans to make a newly pressed powder
  5. Create something unique such as your own rainbow makeup
  6. Add glitter on top of your makeup before pressing it

#1 - Fix Your Broken Makeup

One of the key aspects of the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit is that you can fix any of your cracked eye shadows, weather dropped or damaged during travel. You can also repair any blush bronzer are pressed powder that has seen the same fate. You may even have had one of your children damage your makeup while playing with it. Don't worry, with just a few easy steps your makeup can be back to new in as little as two to three minutes. The best part is you can apply your makeup immediately. 

FIXY designed a small pick tool which allows you to remove your broken makeup from your case without making too much of a mess. When you remove the cracked powder, it goes into the screen section of the makeup kit. From there you are able to grind the makeup to a fine powder using the FIXY grinding tool. All the makeup collects in the base of the kit. From there you can decide which size pan (small, medium, or large) you will use to pour the fine powder into. The makeup pan is placed into the appropriate hole for the press part of the kit. From there, you just spray a little binding solution and press your makeup back to brand new. Check out our How-to video to see the makeup repair process in action.

FIXY comes with a small magnetic palette or you can also purchase a beautiful large magnetic palette. FIXY even offers the Ultimate Refill Kit, which comes with both sizes of the palettes and extra makeup tins.

#2 - Depot Your Favorite Powders

Do you ever find it annoying that your favorite makeup is found in a mix of different palettes? Well with the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit you are able to depot your favorite makeup, put it through the repair process into new makeup pans and then combine all of them into one beautiful magnetic makeup palette. This process is the best when you're starting to run lower on your favorite powders. The FIXY kit allows you to put your makeup into the correct size based on its current volume. This allows you to get all your makeup in one place making it way more convenient for you. FIXY even offers a larger size palette so you can fit all your favorite eyeshadows, blush or bronzer, and pressed powders. In order to get the best bang for your buck, check out the FIXY PRO Makeup Repair & Creation Kit, which includes both size palettes.

#3 - Blend Your Makeup to Create a New Color

There are so many of us that have makeup sitting around that we just never use or haven't used in a long time. Why waste those pressed powders when you could combine two of them and create something new and beautiful. maybe even get creative and blend three colors. you can easily use the FIXY Makeup Repair and Creation Kit to blend used makeup to create your beautiful new look. The first step in the process is removing the makeup onto the screen section of the FIXY kit. You can combine the makeup colors you want to blend onto the screen prior to grinding them to a fine powder. All the powder that is grinded up will land in the base of the FIXY kit. With the FIXY tools you can mix up the colors even more. from there all you need to do is go through the easy steps with the FIXY kit to create your new pressed powder look.

Let's stop wasting our makeup. We spend a lot of money on beautiful makeup and we even purchase palettes that have colors we aren't going to use. Why not blend some of those colors and create something new. You'll be shocked at how fun it is to use the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit. We always love to see what our fans come up with and create. Don't forget to @mention us at @fixymakeup so we can share your beautiful creations with all our other fans. We love sharing what you have created on our social media channels. it definitely inspires others to create something unique. 

#4 - Remove Hard to Reach Makeup Around the Corners of Your Makeup Pans

We all love our makeup and don't want to waste it. Listen, makeup is expensive enough, why should we waste our hard-earned money by throwing out that make up that's difficult to get at. There's always pressed powder that is in the corner of your makeup pans and is such a pain to get at. Let's stop throwing out that makeup and instead put that make up into a smaller makeup pan so we can actually use it. It's so easy to do this with the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit. Follow the few simple steps and stop getting rid of that unused makeup just because it's hard to get at. The FIXY kit comes with 3 different size pans and you can reorder the pans with binder or just the pans on their own. They come in packs of 10 for reorders. There is the FIXY Small Magnetic Makeup PansFIXY Medium Magnetic Makeup Pans, and FIXY Large Magnetic Makeup Pans.

#5 - Create Something Unique Such as Your Own Rainbow Makeup

Wouldn't it be cool if you could take various different colors of makeup, especially the ones that you aren't using at all, and create something totally new. You would be surprised at how easy it is to do with the FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation kit. The options are endless. check out the rainbow eyeshadow video to see how to create an amazing rainbow pressed powder with the kit. There is even a tip on how to transfer lipstick to a makeup pan so you can take it to-go in your makeup palette as well. The FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit comes with a beautiful small magnetic palette. If you're wanting something bigger, FIXY also offers the FIXY Large Magnetic Makeup Palette that our fans just love. 

#6 - Add Glitter on Top of Your Makeup Before Pressing It

The FIXY Makeup Repair & Creation Kit is all about doing something unique that no one else is doing. We designed our kit so that the options are endless. When our biggest fans want to create something unique, they add a glitter on top of their makeup they are repairing with the FIXY kit, to make it more fun. Try it for some Instant Glitz!

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