Organize your Closet in 5 Quick Steps

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Most people are keen to decorate and arrange their rooms, but when it comes to their closet, it's a total mess! With a disorganized closet, it becomes a real struggle to find something. The main excuse is the changing weather, not having enough time to rotate out the old with the new to keep things accessible, current, and fresh. Ultimately resulting in 'closeted' resentment, fury, wriggling and torquing; all in attempts to find one particular t-shirt, with moves you haven't used since middle school Twister. Not good for the back at any age. In this article, I will show you how to sort your closet to keep your room tidy, save on space, spare your back, restore your sanity and hey-maybe even earn a few bucks from just organizing! 

1. Put the like together

Getting around your closet will be much easier if similar items are placed together. If similar items are placed together it makes it easier to put things back because you know exactly where they should go. Simple really, makes sense right? Think of themes, such as seasons, layers, or for what purpose. This method will make your closet neat and very appealing to look at. You might even find it inviting to go in and hang out! Closet organizers come in handy when putting the likes together. Organizers are readily available in stores in different designs, styles, and colors. And in the event you want to take it an extra 'OCD' step further, you can label each segmented space with a label maker.

2. Store what you are not using

To create more space in your closet, I advise you to store what you are not using currently (or in the next 3+ months) in a box or suitcase in your basement, garage, or storage unit. This includes belongings you use only when on vacation or super specific items. By removing things that are not needed at the moment, you create more room to organize so you can spend more time looking cute instead of losing your mind. Storage containers which are durable, sizeable and weatherproof can be found at a variety of stores, with snap lid tops which ensure a proper seal. They are well worth the investment and I always add a quick label to quickly find what I need after I store it away.

3. Take out what you never wear

Take time to sort out the things that you never use and then sort through them again to see what you can sell or give away. Don't throw away anything, even if you don't like it. Your old garments might be gold for someone else! There is always going to be someone less fortunate then you that will appreciate the help. Having reached a decision on what to keep and what to discard, you have three options:

  1. Return them to the store where you bought them and receive store credit. Store credit can be readily converted to cash by selling it on eBay or through apps like Poshmark! Who knew there was such an easy way to get paid for getting rid of 'so last season' clothing, with the added bonus of making for a more organized closet.
  2. Donate to a charity of your choice. You can take it as a chance to give back to society. Consider it as spreading the seed of your stellar style, most worthy of a pat on the back!
  3. Give away to friends for free or in exchange for something else. Swapping clothes with your friends is a good way to get rid of what you never wear and get some new outfits without spending a cent. It's a great excuse to throw a 'Clothing Swap' soiree, or in the event, you are finicky about the finality giving it away, have a temporary trade-sy with a bestie.

4. Hang Those Shoes

Shoes can sometimes be a big bother in your closet. You can have multiple pairs, but they end up in a muddled mess in the bottom of your closet. There's an easy way to organize all these shoes in your closet. I suggest purchasing either small shelves or shoe hangers that fit on the back of your closet doors. With these tools, you can easily store all of your shoes in one place, and you will be able to pick the perfect pair of shoes without any rifling. This organization tip might even save you time.

5. Bonus Shed Some Light

Closets can often be dark because of doors and small space. If you're lucky enough to have a large closet, no doubt it already has lighting. Did you know, however, that adding a little light above the racks can not only shed a little light on your clothes, but it can also make your closet appear bigger? I don't know about you, but any trick to make my closet look bigger is a great trick for me! The light trick can also help when it comes time to organize your closet. You can clearly see which items belong together, which ones are seasonal items, and which you need to get rid of. Who knew what a little light could do? If you do add lighting, just remember to go energy efficient with your selection.

Now What?

Now that you've got your closet organized and even spruced up a bit, you might need some new hangers, new items to hang your shoes or accessories on, or even a few new outfits to compliment your beautiful new closet. However, you've probably just spent a little money on storage containers and closet organizers. How will you pay for your new hangers and such? Of course, you could sell your older clothes, but there are ways you can save money to get what you need. Have you ever considered fixing all your broken makeup to help save you from having to buy that expensive eyeshadow pallet and glow kit again?

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Now let's fix your broken makeup so that you can buy some great new hangers.


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