6 Halloween Eye Makeup Looks

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Haloween is the best time to get creative with makeup. We scoured the internet to show you 6 creative makeup looks to try this Halloween.  All of these exciting themes are perfect for parties, work or school events. Below are a few of the most interesting spooky and sexy looks of the season. 

Glitter Skulls

Skulls, especially glitter skulls, are the biggest thing for this October 31 holiday. To create a look like this, you can use the entire face or simply the eyes. Add colorful shapes and glitter around the eyes to create a skull idea. If you want to frighten it up a bit, shade the eyes with black to create a hollow eye look. White the face to resemble a skull. 

Glitter Skull

Creepy Red Riding Hood

For a scary take on the classic Grimm Brothers tale, the Little Red Riding Hood character post-wolf attack is perfect for this spooky holiday. This look is easy to achieve by getting a slightly opaque contact to cover one eye, then creating deep cut looks across the face to resemble wolf scratches. Fill the lines with dark red makeup to look like blood.

Creepy Red Riding Hood 

Little Bat Wings

If you have a little one wanting to dress up for the occasion a great, less spooky look to try is tiny bat wings. Sharpen your brow to create the perfect frame, then use black eyeliner to draw off tiny bat wings in the corners of the eyes. Finish the look by lining your waterline and attaching lashes.

Bat Wing Makeup


Equally less scary, a galaxy eye look is perfect for adding a little astronomy to the mix. You can create a galaxy look by blending dark blues, turquoise, reds, and purples to create a swirling pattern. Use silver glitter or white to add dots for stars to the lid to finalize the galaxy. You can also spread it out to cover part of the face if you want to create a sort of alien type creature. 

Galaxy Makeup

This spooky holiday is the perfect time for a little zombification. Try blending a smoky eye and extending it out past the eyebrow edge to create a dark eye look. Adding a little red eyeshadow along the bottom lash line and the sides of the nose creates a perfect look for those zombie lovers.
Zombie Makeup

Bloody Look
A great look for the end of October is a scary, bloody look. Use white powder all over the face to create a pale look all over and contour around the eyes and on the cheeks, and use a blend of SFX makeup to create gashes and holes. Don't forget to drip blood down your clothes to complete the effect.

Bloody Makeup Look 

Halloween looks are so much fun to achieve, but if your makeup cracks or breaks, it can become a huge problem. Don’t throw it away, instead, check out FIXY and get back to creating in under 2 minutes.  

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